Monday, January 31, 2011

and the winner is....

Thanks to everyone who participated in the Lovely Giveaway - Happy Kathy Jewelry. And now for the lucky winners!!!!

The lucky winner of the Hera Ring is:

And the winner of the Love Letter Earrings is:

Congratulations to both Rita over at Curioser & Grace over at Loving Life!!  Stop on over and congratulate both of these lucky ladies!

Rita & Grace, please email me : : your email addresses so I can have Happy Kathy contact you for your winnings!

Thanks again to everyone who participated & to Happy Kathy for sponsoring this awesome giveaway!


now open for business


Cheers, Bethani! is officially open for business.   I listed my first four items this morning and already receiving views.  Can I say how excited I am about this?  Thanks everyone for sticking around & waiting patiently for this my store to open.. Its not as easy as I thought it would be, but I'm THRILLED I finally made it to opening..

Take some time to stop by and check out what I have so far.  As I get more things finished and photographed I will add them. 

**Notice I have my blue floral clutch discounted - I was not happy with my seam on the fold over closure flap.  Its securely sewn - the lines just aren't even, so I marked it down. 

Happy a Marvelous Monday loves!


Friday, January 28, 2011

tweet tweet

Hey friends - just a quick update.. My twitter name has changed - it is now cheersbethani - to better suit my ETSY store.

Please make all the appropriate changes so we don't get lost in translation.


make that color pop!

Happy Friday friends!  We made it through another daunting week and I'm sure you are as glad its Friday as I am.

With that said, I am throwing around a couple of things right now, and color is one of them.  Who doesn't LOVE color?  It makes life so much more interesting!

Above are a few color combos I'm playing with in my head and at my sewing table right now for a few items I'm working on for Cheers, Bethani.   I think these colors are so "in" right now and catchy! What I'm looking for are some names for these color combos... The combos are:

a.) poppy red + white + sky blue  = ???

b.) bubble gum pink + sea foam green + chocolate brown = ???

c.) chocolate brown + cotton candy pink + periwinkle blue = ????

I've got a few ideas in my head, but want some additional input, if you may have some.  I would like the names to somewhat flow together, like places, names, foods, etc.  

I also know there are million other color combos out there that are "in" right now. If you have any other "in" color combos that you know of & think I should know about, email me your color board, and what name you would give it.  Inspiration is what I'm all about for my store, things people love and want to see.  I will then share your color combo & name with the rest of my blog friends - and if your combo is down right extremely popular among the fans, I will feature an item using your combo in my store with the name you give it.  Sounds exciting huh?!  I think it does.  Any questions, let me know!

That's all I've got for now...  Have a FANTASTIC Friday my loves!


Thursday, January 27, 2011

Cheers, Bethani!

I tweeted yesterday that I would be posting some updates on the opening of my ETSY store.  Its been somewhat crazy in my brain lately, thinking about this and thinking about that, because I want to make sure that I do all the right things to ensure my store is a hit.  And I must admit, its stressful.  From the name, to the simple shop banner, to the pricing, to even my ETSY button to link you to my store. But its coming along & it makes me extremely grateful that it is..

With a little thought and creativity {well I suppose its creativity}, my mind stumbled across a store name.  I wanted it to be something catchy, but not super cheesy.  I also wanted it to be something that's totally me and when you hear the name or see the name, you don't have to think twice about who the owner is.  It also needs to be a well-rounded, all encompassing name.  A store name of Needles & Thread wouldn't be such a great idea for someone who sells photographs, would it?  Well for me it wouldnt.  So without further ado, if you haven't figured it out already, the name of my new ETSY store is.......... *drum roll*

Cheers, Bethani!

clutch by Cheers, Bethani

What do you think??  I hope you like it as much as I do.  The name is extremely fitting.. I love signing my blogs that way, & if it wouldnt drive people mad, I would say cheers all the time.. I just love that word, such a happy word..

I have also decided, I'm going to start listing my items as I get them completed, which hopefully will be next week.  I'm planning on have my first couple things ready this weekend. The weather is forecasted for ickiness, so that gives me plenty of ETSY project time. 

Along with ETSY listings and ETSY names, I want to throw an idea out there.  I did via twitter yesterday and with much fail, {yea I said fail}, got one response... Maybe I don't have many followers or people who a rat's butt, but thats okay with me.. I'm putting it out there via the good 'ol blogosphere now..  

Custom made clutches??  You choose the pattern/color of fabric used, along with button color/size choice, thread color & I put it together for you..  Yes it would be priced more than the regular items in store, but its more time consuming to go find what exactly some is wanting.... Opinions?  Good? Bad? Let me know..   If you are interested in a custom clutch, contact me via email and we can talk further.

That's all the updates I have for now regarding ETSY.  Stayed tuned for more happenings on Cheers, Bethani...  Oh yea, almost forgot, I have a little temp button up on the left sidebar that will shoot you over to my shop, so you can stay tuned for item posting and such that way..


Wednesday, January 26, 2011

What I'm Thinkin Wednesday

In following the regular Wednesday rituals of A Taste of T, I'm going to be talking about what's on my mind.

  • ETSY - I must get busy!!! So much to do..
  • When is it lunch time?? I'm starving
  • That Sharpie smell is horrible & giving me a headache
  • So glad their wedding got pushed back some.. Gives us time to save some money.
  • Sorry Katy Perry, your Firework song is getting on my nerves!
  • Suck up!
  • Is it Friday yet?
  • I need to pee... Maybe I should go..
  • Stop whining - some people don't have jobs.
  • Wedding, Wedding, Wedding!
  • Stop squeaking your shoes, its driving me up the wall!
  • So much to do!
  • Why isn't my email working properly?
  • Macaroni & Cheese!  I need more Diet Coke!
  • Everytime I hear Stereo Love by Edward Maya - my mind goes straight to a rave.
  • Slacker!
  • Someone is printing a book & killing lots of trees
  • Is Criminal Minds & Blue Bloods new tonight?

What are thinking this random Wednesday? Let me know.


 Happy Wednesday my faithful friends!  I hope your week has been splendid so far and continues to be amazing.

Not alot going or on or much to talk about so its just brief today.. Love yall!

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

and the winner is......

Thanks to everyone who participated in the Lovely Giveaway - Bake It Pretty.  And now for the lucky winner!!!!

Congratulations to Holli over at Three Wishes Stop by and show her some congratulatory love! She won with the following comment:

I will be contacting you shortly so you can receive your prize!   Thanks again to everyone who participated!

And dont forget, there is still time to enter the other giveaway sponsored by Happy Kathy Jewelry.  Deadling to enter is Monday January 30, 2011!  There will be TWO winners!


Monday, January 24, 2011

a hint for things to come...

Good Monday morning!  I hope everyone had a terrific, productive, yet relaxing weekend..  I know the mister and I sure did.  Between winning at Winstar, lots of sewing/ETSY projects, & football, it was extremely wonderful.

Here's a peek at what's to come for ETSY - a fold over clutch for any occasion. I'm planning on having several styles/colors available.  Let me know what ya think & any ideas/suggestions for style/color options - send them to me via email (  I would love to hear all your ideas and suggestions that you might have!

Also today is the LAST full day to enter the Bake It Pretty giveaway Tomorrow at noon (central time) the giveaway will end and I will announce the winner soon after.  So if you haven't entered and would still like to follow the link above and leave a comment with your favorite items from the Bake It Pretty shop, for your chance at $30.

Until later, have a Marvelous Monday my lovelies!


Friday, January 21, 2011

paris vs new york

la romantique

Awhile back I landed myself upon this little blog, Paris vs. New York, a tally of two cities, and what can I say except, "I'm hooked!" Like really.

They compare the likeness and the differences of the two cities and for those out there that know me well, I love both cities.  And by love, I mean, I'm quite obsessed.  Ask the mister. So I pretty much enjoy flipping through their comparisons and smiling about how true they really are.


Seriously, who doesn't like these two cities??  It might break my heart to find out someone does..  Hopefully one day, I will get the chance to finally visit Paris with the mister!! *wink*  And hopefully too, I can take him to NYC so he can experience what I did and see why I love the city like I do.


what i'm up to..

Lindsay over at Scenic Glory posed a challenge for us yesterday about we are currently up to.  So here it goes:

eating/drinking: lite vanilla yogurt w/ grape nuts mixed in, Diet Cola

listening to: whatever currently is playing on 933 FM, but my favorites right now include Bruno Mars and Stereo Love by Edward Maya.  Yum!♥

pondering: how much work I have to get done today - which appears to be alot.  also what all i want to get accomplished this weekend.  I'm hoping to get and ETSY sample done this weekend..
wearing: my favorite pair of american eagle artist jeans, an american eagle black polo, and my beloved skechers.. Hair is in a pony - keepin it simple  ♥

anticipating: so many things!! the opening of ETSY, getting my projects completed, volunteer work, the wedding, getting my tax refund! oh and don't forget winstar tonight - hopefully I'll be a winner!

baking: ooo baking!!  you know I love me some good baked food.  I really want to make some yummy valentine cupcakes, but i think it might be kind of early.. maybe i will just settle for a chocolate cake. ♥

reading: reading patterns and trouble-shooting manuals.. my sewing machine gave me all kinds of fits last night that brought lots of pirate language and tears.  ugh!  stupid machine! I am gonna do this, even if kills one of us, that's how determined I am.

loving: life in general.. i love where life has taken me so far this year and the wonderful opportunities I have been given.  I also love the mister more and more the closer the wedding gets.  I can't wait!

buying: fabric. and thread. and diet coke.. its a necessity in life.. oh and wedding things.. and healthy food..

Thanks Lindsay for this fun little challenge.

What are you up to?


Thursday, January 20, 2011

Lovely Giveaway - Happy Kathy Jewelry

As I had previously promised, my very first SPONSORED giveaway is now taking place.  The lovely Kathy at Happy Kathy Jewerly has so graciously decided to give away two pieces of her jewerly from her current collection, the Hera Ring & the Love Letter Earrings,  which means we will have TWO very lucky winners for this giveaway! Thanks Kathy!

Hera Ring by Happy Kathy

love letter earrings by Happy Kathy

I absolutely love everything that Kathy has created.  She has plenty of other earrings, rings, necklaces and bracelets available in her store over at ETSY... 

Happy Kathy Jewerly

To be eligible for this giveaway, please head over to Kathy's shop, and leave a comment below telling me about your favorite piece of jewelry.   Remember, there will be TWO lucky winners for this giveaway - one for the Hera Ring and one for the Love Letter earrings!

For an additional entry, blog about this giveaway and leave me a seperate comment with the link to your post!

Deadline to enter: Monday, January 30, 2011
I will annouce the two winners the following morning, January 31, 2011

Good luck & Happy Blogging!


thinking and daydreaming ♥

oh i can wish

I can only imagine what I would get done if I had a sewing one room like this.. One day people, one day, even if its a garage, it will happen!

Other news, things are coming along,  though i did have a minor road bump, but an extra fabric store trip was able to fix that. 

I also hope everyone is having a Terrific Thursday and that it continues.  I'm hoping to stay bundled up in my cubicle at work, while the sleet/freezing rain and 30 degree temps blow in. Hopefully, it doesn't create too much chaos on the roads.  Otherwise, poor Bruce will be spending the night at work and I will ride home with someone else.


Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Volunteer Project - 2011 Souper Bowl Of Caring

So I have been talking about my to-do list quite a bit lately, and I feel like I'm getting a lot of these things accomplished.  "New Year, New Bethani," is my phrase this year.  I'm going to live this year to its fullest, no turning back!

One of the items I want to get marked off my list is Volunteer Work.  So many of us take for granted so many things in our lives, that tomorrow could be gone.  I decided the mister and I were going to look at some ways to give back to our community and those that need some care and love that we could offer some time to accomplish.

After much searching and inquiring, we have FINALLY found something that we can both do and that fits nicely into our schedules - 2011 Souper Bowl of Caring Dallas/Fort Worth.   Let me tell you something, I can not wait to go be apart of this - Sorting food & building food baskets/boxes for the hungry and then we get to help distribute them.  Such a rewarding opportunity! 

The North Texas Food Bank is such an amazing organization that ensures we are able to feed all of our citizens in the area.  They are such a dedicated and generous group of people and all the volunteers deserve the greatest amount of thanks for giving their time to feeding others. 

They have lots of opportunities coming up, and I have already gotten information on another that sounds like a blast too.  So hopefully, NTFB can become OUR organization that we volunteer for on a regular basis!

If you are in the DFW area and have some time and want to give back, email me and I can hook you up with the Volunteer Coordinator at NTFB, so you can get involved as well.  We need 158 more volunteers for 2011 Souper Bowl of Caring, so spread the word to those you know, my neighboring Texas blogger friends!

We could use your help!

Once the project is complete, I will post an recap and pictures (hopefully) of our exciting and rewarding experience! ♥

if you dream it...

If you can dream it, it can become reality! Don't ever let your mind get the best of you and keep you from accomplishing your goals & reaching your dreams.   I believe in each and every one of you & hope you all are able to reach whatever you are currently shooting for.  You would be surprised how much you are capable of.

Also, 6 days until the deadline for my Lovely Giveaway - Bake It Pretty!  $30 dollars for a little spending spree of whatever tickles your fancy in their lovely store.  Be sure to enter everyone!

I also have an update on my volunteer project which I will be posting about soon! 

Happy a Wonderful Wish-fulfilling Wednesday!

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

...jumped, now it's time to soar!

Since deciding and announcing that I'm going to be opening an ETSY store, I feel like I can accomplish anything.   I know I have plenty of hurdles ahead of me, but the biggest one was finally taking the plunge in this crazy adventure & just deciding to do it! 

If you follow me on twitter, you will see that I have figured out the store name, which I will be leaving a surprise for a time, until I get my banner made and some items in the store.  I hope to have some items completed and in the store within a few weeks.  A full time job, a mister, kitties & wedding planning consumes alot of my life, so nights and weekends are pretty much my only time to create. 

I'm setting a goal of the first weekend in March as my store opening - that would be March 4-6.   That's totally flexible, but I think it would be a good starting point to have a date in mind.  And the 5th is my bridal shower, so its going to be a crazy weekend, but what a sentimental date to open my store.

Stay tuned for more updates on my opening!  I love you all! Have an amazing Tuesday friends! ♥

Monday, January 17, 2011

coming soon to a household near you...

You read it right, I'm coming to ETSY!  Its going to be a few months, I'm hoping like one or two, before its open, but its happening.  This has been a goal of mine for awhile; to open a shop on ETSY. And I'm finally doing something about it & accomplishing it.

I'm going to be dropping little photo hints along the way of the items that I will be selling so keep your owl like eyes open.

Details are coming... I'm still working on those, like..
  •  my shop name (the hardest part)
  • my shop banner (another hard part)
  • what all I will be selling (I'm finalizing my list, but knowing me it will change based on well everything!)
Stay Tuned!  I hope you are as excited as I am.  ♥

anemones into wedding cakes

Just a little wedding cake inspiration I put together.  These are the ideas I'm considering for our wedding cake! I would love to incorporate the anemone flower (above) if possible. ♥

If anyone has any clean, simple looks like these, email them to me > >   I love ideas and help when it comes to the big day! 

wedding progress being made..

We had an extremely productive, yet casual weekend.  We managed to get all my family fitted for tuxes as well as his dad on Saturday - his step dad is the only person we have left.  Yay!  I was able to spend some quality time with the girls on Main Street as the fellas ventured to the cigar shop. We were able to find a cute headband for Emilee's flower girl ensemble.  She was quite excited!  Only 102 days until the big one!

We also snuggled, grocery shopped, watched the playoffs, ate delish turkey tacos, and just basically enjoyed our weekend.

Sadly, I forgot the dear beloved camera at home, so Project 365, will have to wait until tomorrow.

How did your weekend go?