Friday, December 30, 2011

hollywood influence

2012 is only two days away and while many people are tinkering away at resolution lists and goals, i find myself looking for my next hair style or makeup persuasion.  currently i dont really have a certain persuasion when it comes to my style and makeup. whatever feels good at the moment is how i've been living my 'style' side of life.

and while watching crazy, stupid, love last night with husband (yes, i finally convinced him to watch it with me,) i caught myself really loving the look of emma stone.  she somewhat resembles myself in a way, fair skin, strong facial features.  and then it donned on me.  why not go for her simple, yet classic look for 2012?

with her vibrant red hair & classic red lip, i went out onto the interwebs seeking tips on getting the perfect emma stone look.

for the face:  pick out a vibrant shade of lipstick, such as a bright red or pretty pink. Go with a shiny, glossy shade rather than a matte one. Use liquid, black eyeliner on the top lid only and put some mascara on your lashes. Apply a light pink eye shadow to the lid, starting just above the liner and going to the brow crease. Add a hint of blush to your cheekbones to get a bit of a rosy color. Go easy on the blush, though, as you want it to look natural.

for hair:  you'll need mousse, a round brush, hair dryer and bobby pins. You'll also need hairspray to shape the waves in your hair. For best results, your hair should be about shoulder length, so you may need a haircut or extensions.

part your hair as far to one side as possible. You can part it to the left or right, whichever side is better for you. Run the mousse through your hair from roots to tips. Use a hair dryer to blow dry your hair and the round brush to shape it as you dry. Start at the roots of your hair and pull the round brush to the tips to add body and some curls.

divide your hair into several 1 to 2 inch sections. Twist each section into a curl, and then hold in place with a bobby pin. Spritz the hairspray all over your twisted and curled hair and let it sit on the hair for several minutes. The hairspray helps the hair hold the curls when the pins are removed and will help you shape the curls later on.
after no more than five minutes have passed, take the pins out of the hair. Let the hair fall down and gently shape it into soft waves using a hairbrush and your fingers. After the hair is wavy, finish it with a few more spritzes of hairspray so that it holds in place.

so its on. i'm going to attempt the emma stone this weekend. and hopefully have a high success rate.  i will do a follow up post with my outcome.  lets cross out fingers.

do you have a hollywood influence in my hair, make up, or clothing??

Thursday, December 29, 2011

rollercoasters and christmas lights

during the holidays, i always make it a goal of mine to visit six flags for their holiday in the park. its the only time of year i enjoy going to the park. mainly because of the twinkling lights, 'snow,' and the briskness in the air that hits your face as you speed along in a rollercoaster car.

this year it was special though. we took the dear neice and nephew with us. robert had been in the past, but was not really tall enough for the big kid rides & emilee, well this was her first trip to an amusement park. so we were in for either a great time or a miserable one.

everything turned out for the earlier scenarios. they couldnt have been more thrilled, hoping from ride to ride, enjoying every one. we even managed to get robert to ride his first upside coaster.  it was a moment i wish i could have had on video or camera, but being his accompanying adult, i get to walk away with that everlasting memory. 

can't wait for next year.

its drawing to a close. goodbye 2011.

the end of 2011 is closing in on us at a high rate of speed, and i can't believe how quickly it seemed to speed by.  its was quite a year for most of us, myself included.  here's a look back.

we got married.
we stayed in a bed and breakfast.
i opened an ETSY
(- which is still on a hiatus, going through some changes.)
i baked like paula deen.
we laughed.
we cried.
i decorated as early as possible for the holidays.
we rode rollercoasters with loved ones.
we loved.
we lost.
we grew together as one.

as for 2012, i want it to be bigger and better than ever.
i want to:

cook more.
find us a home.
photograph more.
travel more.
show people new places.
eat healthier.
and just have fun!

what do you hope for 2012?

Wednesday, December 28, 2011

some design.

i've been learning more and more about design over the last several months and have highly enjoyed all the things i've have learned. so i figured i would share one of my 'pieces,' if you must call it something, with everyone. i hope you like it!

if you want to use it, share it, etc, please let me know before you do so.  i don't want my stuff just floating around without proper credit.

and since i've been having so much fun with design, i've contemplated making a few prints and such to offer for purchase.  or if you have a design request or something like that, i would be more than happy to offer a hand. just let me know.

perhaps a launch could happen of design services.  we shall see. let me know your thoughts and such.

to wind down 2011, a giveaway

this is the last wednesday of 2011.  can you believe it? i can't, but since we dont have a portrait of splendor today & i still have room left for sponsors, i figured, i would host a little giveaway to offer one person a large ad space on the sidebar for the month of january.

the lucky winner will win all the perks of a large ad space giveaway, plus its no charge to you at all.

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giveaway ends 12/31/2011

good luck!

Tuesday, December 27, 2011

a winner is announced - kassi's scentsy giveaway

good morning & welcome back everyone from a wonderful Christmas filled weekend.  i hope everyone had an amazing weekend and got everything they wanted and more.  i was awfully quiet this weekend & totally forgot to wish everyone a Merry Christmas - so its a little belated but, MERRY CHRISTMAS!

husband and i were running all over getting last minute items, playing santa and visiting family.  posts to come of all the exciting gifts that were given, received and enjoyed.  theres even a new puppy in the family.  not my family, but i was slightly tempted to kidnap the cute little fellow.  more on that later.  but for now a little giveaway announcement.

if you are the owner of the sweet ladybird lane, please contact me asap to claim your winnings.  otherwise a new winner will be selected.

i'm still looking for someone to feature in tomorrow's portrait of splendor feature.  if you're that someone who's interested email me and i will get you all situated for tomorrows post.

have a marvelous tuesday my friends!!

Wednesday, December 21, 2011

portrait of splendor - kassi w/ scentsy

this week's portrait of splendor feature is Kassi from TrulyLovely! i've known her for awhile now & love her to death.  I'm so thrilled I'm getting to share her with everyone today. She's introducing us to her Scentsy business (even info if you're interested in selling) & EVEN has thrown in a pretty awesome giveaway down at the bottom.  So be sure to take part in that as well.

Without much further ado, here's Kassi!

Hello lovelies!!!
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Kassi Sells Scentsy

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That's me! :)

I started selling Scentsy while in college to make some extra money. Since then, it has truly been a huge blessing for me and for my family!!! I have a team of 11 AWESOME ladies that sell Scentsy in my downline... 
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So what is Scentsy!?! 
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 How exactly does Scentsy work?
 There are three sizes of Scentsy Warmers to choose from. 
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We also offer Scent Circles, Room Sprays, Travel Tins, the choices and combinations for your Holiday gift giving are endless!

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See told you she's awesome!  Don't forget to stop by her blog sometime and say hey, as well as check out her scentsy store for some great deals and all the latest items that Scentsy has to offer.

if you are interested in being featured as a portrait of splendor,
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Tuesday, December 20, 2011

have a happy tuesday afternoon.

email me for more information.

on the fifth day before christmas...

twas five days before christmas & all through the land,
i was dreaming of presents,
all pretty and grand!

okay so enough of my christmas rhyme. its tuesday. the tuesday before christmas and 1 more day until i'm offically on christmas vacation. i dont have much to blog about, so i figured i would share a few things, i'm loving right now.

as outrageous and extreme these eyelashes might be, i'm currently swooning over them.  maybe one of these days, new years ever perhaps, i will brave the elements and strut these lashes for all to see.

the forecaster says that maybe, just maybe, a few flurries will fall on christmas day. i'm hoping for more like a blizzard.  but if all else, i will settle for a nice dusting.  anyone want to send some snow to north texas for me?  i will be forever grateful.

this yummy tasty treat is what i'm making for all my co-workers this year. the recipe sounds delicious & i plan on adding cinnamon red hots to it for the holidays.  maybe i will get "lucky" & have enough leftover for the husband and i to enjoy.  otherwise i will have to make my own batch. 

what yummy things are you loving right now?

Monday, December 19, 2011

6 days til the best holiday EVER + a few lovely things

this past weekend flew by so fast. i'm sad its over, but that means we are quickly arriving upon the best holiday ever!

our weekend was full of terrificness. yes i make up my own words. 

we ventured with my brother, his wife, & two children (ages 7 & 4), along with one of the most awesome people ever, to holiday in the park at six flags.  it was a thrill.  it was emilee's first time to an amusement park & robert's first time to ride a coaster that went upside down.  oh and i manged to face plant on snow hill.  pictures coming soon.

the husband and i also held the first ever, {g} family christmas shindig.  mexican food & all. Feliz Navidad my friends! i don't have any photos sadly, but it was terrific and i'm glad those who came enjoyed themselves over margaritas & enchiladas. next year, it will be ugly christmas sweaters at its finest. i promise!

we also did a partial christmas together. yes we caved. plus i didnt feel like wrapping any more presents. so i just said, "here, enjoy!"  we still have some stuff under the tree for each other, but this far in the season, i'm beat on wrapping and tying ribbons, so meh. thats how that happens in my family.

so far its been terrific! i will post some of the things i got.  because one of them was featured in a previous post & i've only oodled and drooled over it for months.  and i FINALLY have it in my pretty little possession. it is a wonderful thing.

& those two items featured up top?  i love them.  the eyeshadow i splurged and purchased on saturday.  its wonderful. its sparkly. and it has every eye color that i wear.  what could possibly be better than that?

those super duper, make you want one immediately mugs? i first saw them in the december issue of real simple. then immediately browsed the interwebs looking to purchase the whole set.  yea i couldnt decide on my favorite, so i figured just buy the whole collection.  after much anticipation, i saw this. 

no more til march!! it was such a depressing moment.  but i will hang loose until then, and swipe me up a set as soon as possible! maybe even a giveaway could be in the works to giveaway my favorite of the set.  or winner's choice.  stay tuned for that one.

enough of my random rambling.

what did you do this past weekend?!

Thursday, December 15, 2011

holiday parties - dessert style

Thanks to Duncan Hines for sponsoring my writing. There's no limit to the baking possibilities, so grab your favorite Duncan Hines mix and Comstock or Wilderness fruit fillings and Bake On!{banner_id}.

during the holiday season, i hear all my friends, family & co-workers talking about all the holiday parties they are attending. and i must admit, holiday parties make me excited.  everyone dressing up in the best holiday wear (sometimes its the worst christmas sweater contest) & finding that perfect bottle or wine or platter to accompany them to their events.  this season is no exception.  just last weekend, the husband and i attended a christmas party at one of the most extravagent & well decorated christmas parties i have ever been to in my whole life.  i dont think my jaw ever made it up off the floor.  but i've always had a few thoughts of my own on christmas parties i would like to a.) attend or b.) host myself.

a dessert party is at the top of my list! i'm not sure if my pancreas, or anyone's pancreas, is ready for it, but i'm putting on my things to do list. maybe not for christmas, but maybe new year's i can make it happen.

i can already imagine table after table of desserts lining my tiny one bedroom apartment. from cookies to pies to candies all happily waiting to be consumed by the hungry stomachs of their creators. but not only will we consume them. we will judge them, looking for the best dish out there.  and that special dish will not only be adored by all, it will win a special prize & maybe a special certificate.

but not only will desserts be guests at this party.  little shooters of milk will be in attendance to wash down all the sugary goodness. maybe even milk station can be arranged with fun syrups, such as chocolate and strawberry for milkshakes or just flavored milk too.

& for our adult guests, dessert wines & beers will be available.  bottles of Samuel Smith's Oatmeal Stout perhaps or maybe just a nice stout to curb some of the sugar that our bodies will enjoy. but for those that are looking for a lighter fare, maybe just a nice hot cup of coffee or tea. the choice is theirs.

the possibilities are truly endless with a dessert party, which i think makes them even more delightful to host or attend.

Remember to check out Duncan Hines' website{banner_id} to find some great recipes for your holiday get-together! I was selected for this sponsorship by the Clever Girls Collective.

Wednesday, December 14, 2011

portrait of splendor - twopennylane

meet cat! she's behind the shop - twopennylane & i caught up with her to find out a little more about the inspiration behind her shop, where her ideas come from and a whole lot more.

1.) What made you decide to open a shop? Sell the items your selling?
Cat: Well I started making jewellery as a hobby for myself, and sold a few bits to friends, and then the shop I work in got let down by a jewellery supplier at Christmas. I offered to fill the empty jewellery cabinets with my jewellery, not really expecting to sell much, but I sold loads! So I looked into selling online and discovered Etsy, and haven't looked back! I still sell in the shop as well :-) The themes I choose are very close to my heart, they are strongly inspired by books that I read over and over again as a child, such as The Borrowers, Alice's Adventures in Wonderland, and The Wizard of Oz. I want the jewellery to be a subtle nod to these themes that only people "in the know" will recognise. My aim is to make people see the jewellery and have a little secret smile on their faces!

2.) How did you come up with the name of your shop?
Cat: I wanted to be called PennyFarthing but there's a fair few shops on Etsy with variations on that theme. I was mulling it over about a year ago, and my boyfriend at the time was the one who suggested twopennylane, because it ties in with my other jewellery brand, twobadbananas. The boyfriend is long gone but the name lives on. Best thing he ever gave me! Haha!

3.) If you weren't operating your shop, what would your dream job be?
Cat: Well, I used to be an archaeologist! If the pay was more and the travel was less, I'd take that back up in a heartbeat. I LOVED it, its what I did both my degrees in, and sometimes I really do miss it. But there's
little job security and you spend so long away from your family and friends it can be quite a lonely life. Other than that I'd love to design things for shops to sell, not just jewellery, but bags, clothes, accessories... and anything Paperchase sells!

4.) Any advice to people thinking about opening a business?
Cat: Oh, where to begin! I think if your shop name, logo, graphics, business cards, packaging etc are all to a theme it gives your business a much more credible edge, and makes you a recognisable "brand". Also do not underestimate the power of packaging. When I do Fairs people want to buy the little boxes I pack my jewellery up in. Since people often buy jewellery as a gift, I think that gift packaging can really sway people from liking something to absolutely loving it. In terms of advertising, your Mum is your best advert. She wants to tell EVERYONE about you and what you do, so load her up with business cards and a hug and a kiss! And lastly, love what you do. Your enthusiasm for your own product is the most natural way to get someone else excited about it.

thanks again to Cat for participating and letting us get a sneak peek into the thoughts of twopennylane! be sure to check her shop out and pick up a few items for those special people in your life! take advatange of that discount code above as well!

if you are interested in being featured as a portrait of splendor,
please send me an email -

Monday, December 12, 2011

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fashion finds: faux fur

1 - 2 - 3 - 45 - 6

this winter / cold autumn season, i'm definietely obsessing over fur items.  & because i'm such an animal lover, i'm all about faux fur over the real stuff. no need for suffering and all that mess for some cute leg warmers or cardigans.

from shoes to gloves (and everything in between!), faux fur has found its way into every clothing article this season, some not really worth mentioning.  but as far as these items go, i love them all. i wouldnt mind adding any if not all these items to my collection. 

what are some of your favorite faux fur items?

Friday, December 9, 2011

winners + portrait of splendor details

sorry it took me so long to get the winners posted.
had to do my civil duty the last couple of days and serve on a jury panel.  
what an experience!!!

but now to the winners of the ah-may-zing 100 follower giveaway!

again thank you to everyone who partipated

more details on the portrait of splendor feature are now available.

the feature will run on wednesday's for a week until the following wednesday, which a new portrait will be featured. i have received a few people who interested, so their features will be starting soon with the first next wednesday.  

i would love for anyone interested to participate.  the more the merrier.
if you would like more details, please contact me:

Wednesday, December 7, 2011

portrait of splendor

if you have a blog, shop (etsy included!) or just a fun post,
whether its a recipe, craft or story
that you would like to have featured,
then this is for you.

best part - its free.

please contact me for details.

fashion finds: winter crochet items

1 - 2 - 3 - 4 - 5

this morning i woke up to a blistering 26 degrees outside.. by the time i left, which was an hour later, it was 23 degrees outside. and its not even technically winter yet. living in texas you never really know what youre getting when it comes to the weather outside, but i like the suspense a little.  particularly when the weather calls for wintery mix, including snow.  which by the way can come at any time and i would be extremely greatful.  well maybe except during rush hour. but im not picky. snow equals winter to me which means christmas is near.

as i bundled up and made my way outside i saw that i had to scrape my windshield. does anyone like scraping their windshield?  i dont to be honest.  but thank goodness for gloves and scarves and peacoats to keep me nice and toasty while removing the remnants of last nights frost/ice/snow looking mix. the chill in the air quickly made me realize how thankful i am for my wintery wardrobe accessories, but at the same time made me wish i had more in my collection.

so it led me on a little journey, landing on etsy, browsing the numerous handmade items that the site has to offer. it just so happens, i found several items that i would happily add to my collection - you can see them above. hopefully sooner rather than later, my bank account would happily allow me a few extra funds to make this wish a reality.

Tuesday, December 6, 2011

take me away my dear imagination

the husband and i have a jillion books. and it seems as though we have no problem buying more books.  our favorite place to get books you ask?  half price.  we go by there atleast once a week, sometimes more depending if we have a hankering for a certain book but dont want to pay new bookstore prices.

seriously, who doesnt love the smell of old books, gathered in one central location, waiting to be swiped up by another avid reader looking for an escape to a place described only on beige paper in black font?  better yet, they are half off. and if you hit the clearance section just at the right time, you can even get books for cheaper than that. sometimes a dollar. and me plus bargains are like best friends.

i go through spurts of reading. reading like a crazy person to get through a really good book. and sometimes i just read the trashy entertainment magazines for months on end.  but here lately its more of the earlier.  i love james patterson.  he is one of my favorite authors ever. most because his books keep my imagination, leaving me wanting more. & the fact his chapters are only a couple pages help too.  i'm one of those people who can not just stop in the middle of a chapter.  i must must must complete the whole chapter before retiring the book for the time being.

i've read all the women murder club series. all 1 - 10. and i loved them.  currently working on his alex cross series.  it doesnt at all bother me either that i havent seen the two movies that were created from two books of this series, along came a spider & kiss the girls. i plan on watching them after i finish the books themselves.  its only proper to do it that way.  but i do know morgan freeman is alex cross. and it is a little fun imagining morgan while reading page after page of this series. 

we hope to have a whole wall, maybe even a room, full of books when we have a house one day. until then we have them stuffed onto several bookcases throughout our apartments. the thought of walking into a room full of books and selecting from hundreds is a fascinating feeling.

do you have any favorite books or authors i should add to my collection?

ps. dont forget to enter my 100 follower giveaway - deadline is wednesday at 11:59PM.

Monday, December 5, 2011

christmas tree our christmas tree..

on friday, i asked everyone what their christmas tree style was & told everyone that the mister and i are classic christmas kind of people. with the exception of our tradition of getting a new ornament every year that represents us as a couple.

and with christmas 20 days away, yea 20!, i figured it was time to put my tree up and get into the full swing of the christmas spirit. i've only been talking about christmas for months now. i think decorating for christmas has to be one of my favorite parts of the holidays, putting a little holiday cheer into every aspect of my apartment, office, wardrobe, etc.

i also mentioned a few posts back, more like several, my plans of paper chains and snowflakes hanging from our apartment ceiling.  its finished! well until i decide it needs something more. it doesnt look like much from the picture, but sitting underneath it, lights off, with the christmas tree twinkling, its just amazing and feels a little like the north pole.

notice the reindeer on the window treatment? yea had to have those!! santa is flying in for his landing. i tell the husband constantly i wouldnt mind living at the north pole with santa, mrs. claus, the reindeer and all the elves making yummy treats and toys. but then im pretty sure he already knew that along time ago.

maybe i am still a child at heart, but i'm totally okay with that.
what is your one fantasy place that you wouldnt mind visiting or moving to?

tis the season for drama. makeup that is.

Thanks to L'Oreal for sponsoring my post about my favorite beauty looks, tips and tricks! Check out for beauty advice from the experts.

its that time of year when millions of women are rifling through their closets and makeup compartments looking for the perfect ensemble for the holiday parties that they are dragging their husbands to and vice versa.  and while many women keep the same look all year long, there is a handful of us out there, who dare to be different each and every holiday season.  its a new shade of lipstick or different color nail polish to offset previous year looks.

I for one am no different.  winter brings the opprotunity for a countless options when it comes to outfits and make up.  and if anyone knows me like i know me, I love changing my mind and trying something new all the time.  and this year I'm definitely going to dare to be bold. at least once anyway. tis the season for a drama!

from brilliant reds to handfuls of sparkle, winter needs every pep of zest it can get to overcome the dreary rain, cold gusts of wind and piles of snow that blanket the ground. and I plan on doing just that.

I've gathered a few items that I'm daring to try this year.  Some of them I've already thrown into effect, like the glittery nail polish, which I must say I absolutely love.  Love so much that I plan on adding a few more sparkly colors to the collection, even have it on my Christmas wish list for the year.. And like I tell myself, you never get too old for glittery nail polish.  Its one of those items that makes you smile, adds fun to your life, without breaking the bank.

As far as the other three items go, I've dabbled in them, but never really given a giant commitment into trying them for a considerable amount of time. From winged eye liner to red-red lipstick to the va va voom eyelashes, each of them will find their way into my life this holiday season.

I was able to find several good videos to help me achieve my desired look for each of these items and am happy to share them with all of you.  There are quite a few different tutorials that are offered including the cat eye winged eyeliner & the perfect red lip.  Little did I know there is actually a correct way of acheiving the perfect red lip.  I figured you just threw some lipstick on and tada, good as gold.  But this video definitely changed my mind on that.

I hope this holiday season, you dare to try something new & different. If you do, let me know, and I would love to see your results or tutorials that helped you achieve that look.

I was selected for this sponsorship by the Clever Girls Collective. Click here to learn more about or become a Facebook fan by clicking here.

Friday, December 2, 2011

christmas tree oh christmas tree

for husband and i, we like classic christmas.
we put up our tree yesterday
& our apartments feels all nice and christmasy inside.
its offically here and i couldn't be happier.

what's your style??

Thursday, December 1, 2011

hello mr.(s.) december

all i can say is wow! december is here already, which means christmas, my favorite time of year, is just right around the corner. christmas music has been playing for a few weeks now & people are gradually getting their holiday decor up on display.  which reminds me i need to take pictures of our living room since hanging up the chains and snowflakes.  the ups guy even gave the decor a compliment yesterday when dropping off a box, which makes me smile.

the husband and i started making lists in our heads of all the things we wanted for christmas. and i am finally getting to putting them on paper, so i can make wants a reality.  so i figured why not share some of my christmas wants with my blog friends.

1. jcp is my favorite store. they have clothes for just about everything! and the fact i know someone who can spot me the awesome employee discount helps in the persuasion.  so for christmas, i would love me some clothes from jcp. this is one of my favorites.  and this one is even better!
2. lmfao. need i say more? i love their music, it always puts me in a fantastic mood. plus who doesnt think they are sexy and they know it? or like party rock?!
3. a new wallet.  i need one. badly. i currently dont carry one, and husband is getting on me to get one, but i just have a hard time deciding on one. any suggestions on a goodie but still reasonably priced?
4. texas rangers stuff! like shirts.  i love the texas rangers, if you didnt already know. but anything texas rangers will make me smile this holiday season.
5. opi nail polish! and with the coming out of the muppets line, it makes me love opi even more.  i particularly like rainbow connection. it can go with anything!
6. kindle fire.  the husband and i have been discussing this one for awhile and i think i almost have him convinced it would be a good investment for us. 

What are you asking Santa for this Christmas?