Wednesday, December 28, 2011

some design.

i've been learning more and more about design over the last several months and have highly enjoyed all the things i've have learned. so i figured i would share one of my 'pieces,' if you must call it something, with everyone. i hope you like it!

if you want to use it, share it, etc, please let me know before you do so.  i don't want my stuff just floating around without proper credit.

and since i've been having so much fun with design, i've contemplated making a few prints and such to offer for purchase.  or if you have a design request or something like that, i would be more than happy to offer a hand. just let me know.

perhaps a launch could happen of design services.  we shall see. let me know your thoughts and such.


  1. How fun! One of the things I love the most is being able to create things. My new years resolution is to learn more about photography, design & jewelry.

  2. That looks awesome!!! :) Look at you go branching out all over the place! Love it!


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