Tuesday, December 6, 2011

take me away my dear imagination

the husband and i have a jillion books. and it seems as though we have no problem buying more books.  our favorite place to get books you ask?  half price.  we go by there atleast once a week, sometimes more depending if we have a hankering for a certain book but dont want to pay new bookstore prices.

seriously, who doesnt love the smell of old books, gathered in one central location, waiting to be swiped up by another avid reader looking for an escape to a place described only on beige paper in black font?  better yet, they are half off. and if you hit the clearance section just at the right time, you can even get books for cheaper than that. sometimes a dollar. and me plus bargains are like best friends.

i go through spurts of reading. reading like a crazy person to get through a really good book. and sometimes i just read the trashy entertainment magazines for months on end.  but here lately its more of the earlier.  i love james patterson.  he is one of my favorite authors ever. most because his books keep my imagination, leaving me wanting more. & the fact his chapters are only a couple pages help too.  i'm one of those people who can not just stop in the middle of a chapter.  i must must must complete the whole chapter before retiring the book for the time being.

i've read all the women murder club series. all 1 - 10. and i loved them.  currently working on his alex cross series.  it doesnt at all bother me either that i havent seen the two movies that were created from two books of this series, along came a spider & kiss the girls. i plan on watching them after i finish the books themselves.  its only proper to do it that way.  but i do know morgan freeman is alex cross. and it is a little fun imagining morgan while reading page after page of this series. 

we hope to have a whole wall, maybe even a room, full of books when we have a house one day. until then we have them stuffed onto several bookcases throughout our apartments. the thought of walking into a room full of books and selecting from hundreds is a fascinating feeling.

do you have any favorite books or authors i should add to my collection?

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