Thursday, December 29, 2011

its drawing to a close. goodbye 2011.

the end of 2011 is closing in on us at a high rate of speed, and i can't believe how quickly it seemed to speed by.  its was quite a year for most of us, myself included.  here's a look back.

we got married.
we stayed in a bed and breakfast.
i opened an ETSY
(- which is still on a hiatus, going through some changes.)
i baked like paula deen.
we laughed.
we cried.
i decorated as early as possible for the holidays.
we rode rollercoasters with loved ones.
we loved.
we lost.
we grew together as one.

as for 2012, i want it to be bigger and better than ever.
i want to:

cook more.
find us a home.
photograph more.
travel more.
show people new places.
eat healthier.
and just have fun!

what do you hope for 2012?

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