Monday, December 19, 2011

6 days til the best holiday EVER + a few lovely things

this past weekend flew by so fast. i'm sad its over, but that means we are quickly arriving upon the best holiday ever!

our weekend was full of terrificness. yes i make up my own words. 

we ventured with my brother, his wife, & two children (ages 7 & 4), along with one of the most awesome people ever, to holiday in the park at six flags.  it was a thrill.  it was emilee's first time to an amusement park & robert's first time to ride a coaster that went upside down.  oh and i manged to face plant on snow hill.  pictures coming soon.

the husband and i also held the first ever, {g} family christmas shindig.  mexican food & all. Feliz Navidad my friends! i don't have any photos sadly, but it was terrific and i'm glad those who came enjoyed themselves over margaritas & enchiladas. next year, it will be ugly christmas sweaters at its finest. i promise!

we also did a partial christmas together. yes we caved. plus i didnt feel like wrapping any more presents. so i just said, "here, enjoy!"  we still have some stuff under the tree for each other, but this far in the season, i'm beat on wrapping and tying ribbons, so meh. thats how that happens in my family.

so far its been terrific! i will post some of the things i got.  because one of them was featured in a previous post & i've only oodled and drooled over it for months.  and i FINALLY have it in my pretty little possession. it is a wonderful thing.

& those two items featured up top?  i love them.  the eyeshadow i splurged and purchased on saturday.  its wonderful. its sparkly. and it has every eye color that i wear.  what could possibly be better than that?

those super duper, make you want one immediately mugs? i first saw them in the december issue of real simple. then immediately browsed the interwebs looking to purchase the whole set.  yea i couldnt decide on my favorite, so i figured just buy the whole collection.  after much anticipation, i saw this. 

no more til march!! it was such a depressing moment.  but i will hang loose until then, and swipe me up a set as soon as possible! maybe even a giveaway could be in the works to giveaway my favorite of the set.  or winner's choice.  stay tuned for that one.

enough of my random rambling.

what did you do this past weekend?!


  1. Wow! Love the mugs-- so fun and unique! Sounds like you had a fun-filled holiday weekend! We had a nice weekend, celebrating my husband's birthday early.

  2. Those mugs are pretty awesome, I agree. March is a long time to wait sadly! Just stopping by for Mingle Monday!


  3. I love that Sephora pallet too! Found your blog through Mingle Monday. Big fan!

  4. Hi from Mingle Monday! I LOVE LOVE LOVE those mugs!

  5. Love the mugs! I hosted my annual holiday/birthday party this past weekend! So much fun!

    Following from Mingle Monday!

  6. The hubs has been trying to get me to open presents for over a week now. I'm one of those ones that doesn't want to peek, doesn't want to open early... and he can hardly wait! haha. Your first G Christmas event sounds amazing!!! :) We're doing our first one tonight! Wish us luck heehee!


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