Tuesday, February 19, 2013

alittle cosmetics. haircare. fragrance. skin. and more.


so way back, i sold avon. and i loved it, but just didnt have enough time with life, school, avon, work. so i stopped.

well here i am. years later. married. and a new mommy. and we all now, babies equal money. diapers, formula, etc. so i've decided to get back into avon to help bring in extra moola to the family.

while selling face to face, i'm also an e-rep, so i have a cute little online site that you can order from and even have shipped to you directly! how awesome is that?  so if you need a little avon in your life, like their super awesome SOS bath oil, then hop on over...  i've also added a permanent link/tab up top to get you to my store at anytime.

if you should have any questions, concerns, etc about ordering, feel free to contact me via email: cheersbethani {at} live {dot} com & i would be more than happy to assist you.

as for benjamin, we're still working on a routine & he has decided he likes to be a belly sleeper, which makes this momma terrible nervous and cautious so hes been sleeping on my chest every night. bad habit, i know, but otherwise, he screams and no one sleeps. i chose sleeping. :)

Wednesday, February 13, 2013

we are three, but privacy is a crowd.

our mr benjamin turned one week old yesterday. seriously that week was fast, but the vast of the week was in a hospital room recovering from a crazy whirlwind delivery that definitely wasnt expected by any of us. we couldnt be more blessed with a super perfect handsome little guy.

we're learning each other and our ways right now, and its definitely a new way of life for all of us, but i wouldnt change a thing about any of it. well maybe the colic part.

i'm still trying to decide on the whole privacy of it all.  whether or not to share photos of him on the blog. i definitely am not on facebook. too much drama & unwanted publicity for people i generally dont feel need to see his handsome little face. i want to share him, but it should be his decision down the road; plus i dont want him marketing some random company that i have no earthy clue about.

but if you do have instagram (which i think you should, cause its super awesome) i'm sharing some pictures there. cheersbethani is the name.

so for now enjoy him there until i get my thoughts further together.