Wednesday, November 14, 2012

seriously??!! already?!!!! okay i'm excited anyway!

its beginning to look alot like well you know, christmas these days in places like hobby lobby, target, walmart & on my cd player. in fact some people are already putting up christmas lights and trees. i must admit we have a few things out, but i'm still holding out on buying the tree, even though i super love the smells of christmas like pine trees & apple cinnamony things.

but it really is hard to believe that thanksgiving is next week. and then black friday. then december. then christmas. then new years. then omg, benjamin will be here.  i feel like time has flown by, which seems to be much quicker the older we get. still trying to figure that one out. 

we still have lots on our to-do list in preparation for benjamin, but i must say i've been quickly piling things onto my "holiday" things i gotta do list since this is like our first christmas in our home & last christmas as just me and husband.

so far my list:
 - ICE! like for serious man. its merry madagascar this year. and if you have seen any of them, you understand.
- decorating our yard. i've already picked out several things i want. now we just need to buy them. yay for being like a griswald.
- christmas light looking accompanied by hot cocoa and treats.  one of my favorites. and oddly, husband and i never have done this.  this year we must!
- real christmas tree! egads!
- stockings from the mantle. never had a mantle in the apartment. so its exciting to have real mantle hanging stockings for santa to fill.
- christmas movie watching night/day marathon.
- our second annual christmas shindig. last year's was mexican. this year italian! bring on the carbs and cannolis.
- christmas music, christmas music, christmas music!
- ugly christmas sweaters.
- personalized butcher paper wrapping complete with bows.
- homemade ornaments

whats on your must do christmas list for 2012??

Thursday, November 8, 2012

a recipe: cheesy chicken enchilada soup

okay y'all..
*in my best paula deen voice*
now that its getting chilly in some parts and already cold in others (please send some snow or real cold), its the perfect time for soups and warm yummy things. last week during soup week one of the girls brought one of the simplest and yummiest soups ever!

 its so easy that anyone can do it. seriously!

2 cans drained chicken breast, 13 oz
1 can enchilada sauce, 15 oz
1 can evaporated milk, 12 oz
1 can pinto beans, 15 oz
1 can cream of chicken soup, 10.5 oz
1 can nacho cheese soup, 10.5 oz
1/2 cup chopped green pepper (optional)
1/2 cup chopped red pepper (optional)

1. combine all ingredients into a large sauce pan
2. heat on medium until soup is hot, stirring occasionally
3. serve with torilla chips, fritos, etc.

**our soup didnt have the chopped peppers and it was just as fantastic.**

That's it!
Told ya it was easy. 
 I guarantee you that you won't have any leftovers. & if you do, they won't last long.
In fact with all this yummy talk, I think I'm putting it down for either lunch or dinner Sunday during the football game.


Monday, October 29, 2012

how this stella got her groove back

over the last six months, thank you pregnancy, i have had NO desire what so ever to cook or bake. well other than basic nutritional needs. and that my friends has been pretty basic.

until this past weekend.  its soup week at work this week.  we are constantly finding reasons to bring ridiculous amounts of food and gorge ourselves until we are plump & sleepy.

i signed up for chili.  while i'm sworn to semi-secrecy over this said recipe, i have a recipe for super delish cheesy chicken enchilada soup that i will share later this week.

& because of said soup week, i have gained my desire to bake and make yummy things again. THANK YOU LORD!

tonights plan - cookies. with m&ms!

oh those cupcakes up there, thats from a few valentines ago, but they look mighty yummy right about now..

Thursday, October 25, 2012

today's post sponsored by the makers of top ramen and hot dogs

or if its one of your better days, a red velvet bundtini from one of the bestest places on earth.

*caution: this post is to neither gain or lose followers, supporters, friends or anything there like. this is just a rant from the bethani broadcasting system*

maybe its me finally being an adult and having to help support a family &/or myself. or maybe its the fact that i've finally gotten my "voice." but seriously this place we call america is getting to be too much.  putting forty hours into a work week seems to be not enough anymore. its like we all need two jobs to make us feel like we are earning something.

its that time. its insurance enrollment time. and its come to my attention that every year its getting worse and worse.  prior to this enrollment period, i was either oblivious, naive or just playing ignorant, but things didnt seem so bad. now they just flat out piss me off.

its one of those worlds where you can't go without insurance. well apparently you can and get it for "free" from hardworking individuals like myself, but i have more respect for myself and others than that. dont get me wrong and start your slanderous comments already.. hear me out.. there are individuals out there who need the help. and i for one don't mind it at all.. never have.. i donate regularly.. i've purchased foods for the needy.  i give spare bills and change to the "santas" that stand outside hobby lobby and walmart at christmas.. i'm not a selfish person..i promise..

but i just can't wrap my head around the other people. that group that makes the really needy folks lose out on what all our systems were set up for.. those on government assistance driving nicer cars than i do, who i watch buy lottery tickets and beer, but everything else on their food stamps and wic cards. those fully capable who can work & just dont want to.

i've had to take a really deep breath today making those insurance selections. the prices are insane and generally unfair, but its a necessity, whether i like it or not. 

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

naptime on sundays


ten things that are making me terribly happy these days
1. peppermint mocha creamer is back for happy teas and coffees
2. cool breezes & sunny skies
3. despite the tragedy, Big Tex will be back next year
4. presidential debates are finally over
5. baby kicks
6. seeing holiday baking display shelves in grocery stores
7. kids and babies in halloween costumes
8. watching christmas movies in october
9. naptime on sundays with husband, roxie and benjamin
10. the cardinals didnt make the world series

got a list of things that make you terribly happy?
send them to me & get featured on the blog.
cheersbethani {at} live {dot} com

Monday, October 22, 2012

little notes #10

25 weeks

dear mr benjamin,
i can feel you moving around in there all the time these days.  some days you've got me thinking what rock band you're a member of, because goodness gracious! but feeling you move reassures me that you're in there and doing good.

dear weatherfella,
you know how a few weeks or so ago, i wished the cool weather would stick around? well you heard my wish apparently (thank you!!), because a super cool front is supposed to move in late thursday night. and its only gonna be high 60 low 40's friday, saturday and sunday.. well thats as far as the forecast shows, so maybe you'll be good to me and let those temps stick around permanently.

dear roxie,
well its that time. apparently listening to your mother and father isnt a part of your vocabulary. and with benjamin's arrival approaching quickly, you need to learn a few manners.  so doggie school is in your near future.  i hope you forgive us for all the new rules, but you really need it. and so do we.

dear christmas. & thanksgiving.,
hallelujah! you're so close, i can feel all the tingles and excitement going on in my stomach. well that could be benjamin too. or my totally whacked out digestive system. but i think i'm more excited this year than i have ever been before for both of you. besides the fact that i get to "eat for two" at both holidays, this year has even more special meaning for me and dearest husband. a.) its our first christmas in our home, so this mama-to-be is buttering up husband for a REAL tree this year. b.) we're expecting so we get to celebrate with benjamin, (even though he's not "here" physically, he's here with us, big belly wise.) which means he gets presents too. c.) we have a roxie to buy for too and i'm pretty sure she will enjoy barking and trying to gnaw on the tree.  so its time to bust out the holiday stuff and get this holiday season started. (I may or may not have already started listening to my Trans-Siberian Orchestra Christmas music in the car. Benjamin and I totally love it.) have you started getting your holiday stuff together even though its not even November yet?

Thursday, October 18, 2012

benjamin & buddy the elf.

if you've been an avid cheers, bethani blog reader, you know my fascination with christmas. and maybe buddy the elf.

but this post has nothing to with christmas. but a little about buddy the elf.

yesterday was my 6 month check up at the baby doctor.  i look forward to every appointment. to make sure benjamin is growing properly, that he's still a benjamin (which now we are 100% sure) and make sure i'm doing okay, blood pressure wise and all. and yesterday did not disappoint.

typically at this point, baby's weigh approx. 1-1.5 lbs in the womb.  well apparently benjamin has already decided he is an overacheiver. based on the super awesome high tech sonogram tools, benjamin weighs 1.11 lbs.  seriously 6 oz over the "typical" weight in the womb.  i still have 4 months to go & the last trimester is when baby's go into super growing mode.  dear lord, help me..

but i shouldnt be surprised. husband is a big guy. and was a big baby too.

but hopefully i dont have a buddy the elf on my hands. i'm not that big. i'm 5'3''. and i can imagine benjamin sitting in my lap at 6 months wearing size 2T clothes. now that would be a picture.

anyone else have super sized babies in the womb?? or deliver a super size baby??

Wednesday, October 17, 2012

alittle change never hurt anyone

you're probably going what just happened.
yes the blog has changed. quite a bit actually.

my blog is becoming more about being a mother & growing as family.
so i figured lets change things up a bit.

you can still subscribe.
you can still join via google friend connect.
you can still grab a button for your sidebar if you like.
its just now at the bottom. the very bottom.

i've also added all my pages back to the top
things like: about me. contact. & faq.

email is still the same too.
cheersbethani {at} live {dot} com

hope you like the changes as much as i do.

Tuesday, October 16, 2012

do your duty


election day is less than a month away.
which means early voting starts next week.

do your duty, your right.
you have no right to complain otherwise.

Monday, October 15, 2012

a dash of pinterest #2

even though our texas temperatures may not be showing it, fall is in full swing.
and that makes me going through the second and starting the third trimester of my pregnancy.
so i find myself eating everything. well except big chunky tomatoes & vomit inducing onions.
and stinky hamburgers, hot dogs and bbq.

and thanks to pinterest, i'm happily pinning away anything that looks slightly delicious.
here are just a few things from my "recipes" board that i find mouth-watering and will be trying soon.

if you want to follow along, find me here

Thursday, October 11, 2012

the great pumpkin debate..

i remember growing up, carving pumpkins was the only way to go. and i eagerly looked forward to it each and every year. picking which super awesome design i was going to make & then usually failing miserably, resulting in a giant hole for my "carving."

now its 2012. & i am eagerly just as excited about decorating pumpkins as before.

but pumpkin decorating isn't what is used to be. i mean seriously. there are carved pumpkins. and chevron pumpkins. and pumpkins that are decoupaged. and ones with thumb tacks. and painted silly faces.  the possibilities are endless.

so what's your pumpkin decorating style? are you old school and carve? or try something new every year?

this year i'm thinking maybe a chevron or decoupage pumpkin for myself, while husband carves something fantastic in his.

*photo above courtesy of taloolakids, which has a giant list of pumpkin decorating ideas; a few i'm considering as well.

Wednesday, October 10, 2012

apple cider anyone?


one of the main reasons i love autumn are the recipes. scores of pumpkin this & pecan that.  but apple cider is one of my most favorite and i look forward to when it hits store shelves late september, early october.

while shopping the other day, i saw it, apple cider, sitting there, looking beautiful, calling my name.  but then my eyes saw the price tag. 1 gallon... $5.99. yikes!

then i thought, why not make some?
heres where i need your help. 
i'm looking for some super delicious apple cider recipes.. non-alcoholic of course, so benjamin and i can enjoy..

start sharing! i will be forever grateful.

maybe its hormones.. or maybe some people are just a-holes.

being pregnant is tough. and not all smiley like people say it is.
and maybe its my out of whack, raging hormones that have made me ultra sensitive
but here lately, people have really been getting under my skin.

case in point.
this morning, a co-worker said my baby was going to be born two months early.
who does that?

Monday, October 8, 2012

mister benjamin: some DIY projects

everytime i walk through a baby department, anywhere my little heart fills with warmth and joy as i eagerly browse through all the boy things. puppy dogs & skateboards & baseballs & dinosaurs & bowties. oh how the list goes on and on.

our sweet benjamin is already spoiled by his mommy, daddy and loved ones and he's not even here yet. i think hes got more clothes than mommy does.  but thats the way it usually works with kids, doesnt it? 

as i mentioned previously, like a few posts ago, i hope to get out my sewing machine really soon and begin crafting away at some items for him.  like too cute for words bowties & fun stuffed animals like a dinosaur are just a couple of things i've been thinking of adding to my list.

and maybe just maybe i can give my graphic design beginner skills a go and try my hand at a monographed print to don on his bookcase or dresser. 

oh let the fun begin. 
120 days and counting until his due date.
cook my little benjamin cook.

oh dearest weatherfella, please be wrong just this once

its been briskfully chilly here the past few days.  last night it got down into the 30's at our house and i can tell you, this pregnant momma has enjoyed every second of this chilliness. pulling out the leggings, scarves and little sweaters definitely put a smile on my face.   too bad, according to the weatherman, it won't be sticking around.  its supposed to reach back up into the 80's throughout the week.  i'm hoping this time, the weatherman will be wrong.

Wednesday, October 3, 2012

gah! i love me some ham & cheese hot pockets!

this past weekend, dear husband, my mom, my cousin, her mom, my aunt & i found our way to the just between friends consignment sale in weatherford.  luckily, we found this, because it was the last sale of the year until next spring.  all of us did a fantastic job of getting lots of things for even better prices.  can't beat gently used baby items on half price day..

we managed to find lots of onesies for benjamin & a couple of toys for him to tinker with when he gets here.  i must say ever 3 person in the place was a pregnant lady.  talk about estrogen pool.

afterwards, husband & i, figured it was as good a time as any to get registered at target and babys r us.  what a whipping! i'm so glad its done and hope to never have to register again for anything. some people enjoy registering. i personally hate it. and being pregnant and having to register is even worse.  but thank goodness its done & bring on the baby stuff!

we have another visit here in a couple of weeks & benjamin is growing bigger every day, so i cant wait to see his progress. i've been getting over a chest cold the last few days, so its been really hard the last couple of days, just trying to sleep & be a "happy" pregnant lady. i think husband is the one suffering most. :( thank you love for putting up with me and my horrible hacking cough.

other fun exciting baby news, i'm hoping to pull out my sewing machine in the next few weeks and start some projects for mister benjamin to enjoy or use.. now i just need the gift of motivation to get busy..

Thursday, September 20, 2012

its a......

husband and i couldnt be more thrilled!!
bring on the dinosaurs, sports, skateboards and all things muddy....
tomorrow, husband and i are taking a little vacation with my brother, his wife & my parents to san antonio for a little fun, adventure and relaxation.
hope everyone is doing amazing and can't wait to talk more soon.

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

puppies have nothing on dinosaurs

i dont care whether my little babe is a boy or a girl, this has got to be in my babe's little wardrobe.


did i mention i love all thing dinosaurs for little boys??

Monday, September 10, 2012

i can smell the hay bales and apple cider already

i want to give a major shout out to mother nature for making this past weekend extremely amazing! not only was the temperature beyond perfect, but the skies were blue and clear, which allowed husband and i to get some outside yard projects completed.

and by projects, i had to get me some mums to lure in autumn & all the wonderful things that come with it.


at this point in september, i'm 19 weeks and growing. please excuse the lack of baby bump posts &/or pictures.  work is mad crazy & this pregnancy, pictures of my face are the last thing i want gracing the interwebs.. i feel like a pmsing teenager all over again, riddled with acne.

just in the last week have i been leaving the house with makeup on & my hair down and straightened.  scary i know, but i've just not been feeling like myself at all this whole time. and it happens to same mommies to be from time to time. 

hormones have finally gotten the best of me and i had my first severe pregnant woman crying fit, emotional breakdown yesterday. it was bad. i think even the baby cried it was so bad. silly things that we have plenty of time to worry about & figure out, just suddenly made me beyond mad woman crazy yesterday. it was so bad, i had a mental breakdown crying fit in my dreams as too. yikes! where's those pregnant lady safe margaritas when you need one?

also is it just me or when you're pregnant does everyone else come up pregnant too? or is the water just terribly stout these days?? i know seven (possibly 8) people who are pregnant or just had a baby, besides myself.  its like running rampant.  & the fact that i have our baby names chosen already & just not sharing until baby's gender is decided is making it that much more difficult as one name is much more common than we thought.  eeps. oh well.

we have our 20 week check up next week and hopefully, cross our fingers, baby decides to cooperate and let us get our first peek of its gender.  i think that will make being pregnant even more real than before. that and i'm just dying to buy something blue or pink, dinosaurs or tutus.

i've finally decided raw vegetables are an acceptable item in my diet again and boy have i missed them. salads are a regular staple with any meal and they taste more refreshing and delicious than before. but pairing it with pizza is beyond the best.

a few weeks ago, we bought the crib (pictured above), so we can say we actually purchased something for baby of real importance. we loved another one, but the fact that it wasn't in stock and was a little more feminine, directed us to this squared look, which can go for either a boy or girl.. plus it converts all the way to day bed, which is even better.

i hope everyone is doing fantastic!

Friday, August 17, 2012

here's to friday + an awesome weekend

courtesy of
rain has been frequent here lately in our parts of texas and i couldnt be happier. our ground is nice and moist and the temperatures have cooled significantly.  yesterday we managed a whopping 86 degrees when in days past we were seeing things more like 108.  it was a nice relief.  this weekend should be no different. we are now seeing lower ninety temps and rain all weekend. perfect for movie watching and snuggling.

a handsome hearthrob now can be colored.

this guy wins dad of the year for sure.

best-ever brownies.

only online (for now!) for your cute little one.

we're being attacked!

laugh your butt off with these two wisecracks.

survivor needs this kind of game.. maybe they already do?

**and yes thats a lion wrapped in a cheetah print blanket getting a CT scan.

hope your weekend is splendid.

Wednesday, August 15, 2012

maybe meryl streep will celebrate too?

courtesy of
 my heart putters and skips beats when i think of dear sweet julia child.  maybe its her cooking style or her cute little personality. but everytime i hear her name, i think of the goofy SNL skit with dan akroyd or 'bon appetit' saying. 

and today would have been julia's 100th birthday if she was still on earth with us. 

and in honor of that, i'm gonna try to convince husband that we should celebrate with an evening viewing of julie and julia, because i dont quite have the ingredients for boned duck or beef bourguignon.

happy birthday julia!

Tuesday, August 14, 2012

baby g: an update

this week marks 15 weeks along in the pregnancy with baby g.  we've had two doctors appointments and are going to our next one tomorrow.  husband and i couldn't be more excited.  maybe just maybe we can get a glimpse of what gender baby has decided on.  if not, it will be another 5 weeks before we find out and that to me, could equal to torture.  i'm ready to start buying fun stuff already. we did buy a crib this past weekend (yay!) but are going to wait until much closer to the due date to start really getting the nursery together.

the constant nausea and vomitting has subsided. thank goodness, but smells and some gross things since know how to make my stomach turn.  i've also finally gotten alittle more of my energy back, which i'm sure for husband is a miracle in itself.

cravings have been weird. well not really weird, but pizza and mexican food, i seriously can eat anytime of day, every single day.  plus its been nice being able to enjoy a piece of yummy sweet food every now and again. cheesecake particularly!!

i can tell my stomach is starting to show some, but i had a little extra fluff to begin with.  i really think baby going to be a back rider this whole pregnancy, leaving me to just look "fat" rather than pregnant as my back is already at its wit's end sometimes. but as long as baby is cozy, i'm all good.

Monday, August 13, 2012

and now to return to your regularly scheduled program..

courtesy of
 it wasn't until a couple of days ago that i started missing my blog.  maybe its my mothering instinct kicking in or something.  but before then, i felt extremely burnt out on blogging. not really sure why, but i needed a massive break. and during that massive break, i didnt do much. except be with child. 

i've decided my blog is taking a new turn.  as our family is growing, its going to be more about our family, adventures, "what we're loving" lists, etc, rather than trying to "run with the joneses" per say.  advertising is taking a back seat as well as the swap.  i enjoyed the swap for the one month i did it, but with work & pregnancy, i need one less thing on my plate right now. plus i just want to enjoy every blog post, picture snapshot, etc, before our lives change forever.

hopefully these minor changes dont deter readers from sticking around, but possibly attract new ones.  regular posts, such as favorite recipes, will continue, so hopefully no one is too disappointed.

i hope everyone is doing well & hope to catch up with all of you in the next few days.

Tuesday, July 10, 2012

the record of my days are stuck on repeat

is it bad when you start getting emails from people wondering where the heck you're at because you havent blogged, tweeted, anything in over a week? is it worse when the desire isnt even there, so you dont exactly feel completely guilty?

well thats been the case with me lately.  its nothing personal or some kind of vendetta against anyone. i just havent feel like myself.  this pregnancy has really made me feel like crud & i'm anxiously counting down the days til the end of my first trimester so maybe these sickening feelings will go away. i can hope right?

and besides the battles of fatigue, nausea and vomitting, theres work. and lots of it. we have been beyond busy, so the last thing i want to do when i get home is crank up the computer for more typing. i'm sorry.

and birthdays. yikes for birthdays this month. husbands was yesterday. mines in two weeks. my grandmas is a week after that. its been what seems like constant celebrations & running lately and my poor self is feeling busted.

and whats worse? for my birthday, i'm totally content with a blue haired style dinner at lubys at like 5 so i can be home and asleep by 9 or 10. oh i'm such a loser anymore.

i promise here soon i will be back to normalcy and posting regularly will resume.

as far as the social swap -  i havent forgotten. well i kind of did.  pregnancy and business does that to a person. so i will send out the names for everyone, but lets push this out to use the august 15 deadline to get letters, trinkets, gifts, what have you out. plenty of time if you ask me. 

i will do a link up later this week or early next to all the participants from last month.  my super duper apologies regarding my lack of organization and getting these out sooner. 

Monday, June 25, 2012

dreams of pumpkins and scarecrows are dancing in my head

okay, so i'm not exactly wishing my time away, but i terribly miss the autumn months & hope they would get here soon.  to smell apple cider & cinammon sticks and just all those fall smells.  oh i would give anything.

summertime in texas is quite miserable.  and the fact that i despise swimsuits makes enjoying summer that much harder.  along with the whole being pregnant and nauseous thing.

so hurry about autumn. your best friend and biggest fan misses you.

other news. husband and i had our first pregnancy appointment last wednesday. and man do i know my body. i was perfectly in tune with how far along i was.  go me! even though i was slightly disappointed that i wasnt further along. i mean how much morning sickness should pregnant women have to deal with.

baby is looking good. and we are on target for a february 5th arrival of baby g. long ways away, but thats more time for nesting & prepping.

and the whole being pregnant is glamorous & so wonderful idea? yeah i dont think so.  there has not been a single day where i have woken up and thought, "yay this is awesome!" is that bad?? i know it will change.  but the nausea and vomitting and bloating feeling just makes "awesome" really hard to achieve.  maybe in a couple of weeks someone will have mercy on me and all the bad feelings will disappear.

Friday, June 22, 2012

snail mail social - july

happy friday friends!!!
its time for the sign up for snail mail social - july!!!!
packages are out for june and should start beginning to arrive at your doorsteps if they havent done so already...

last month, we had TEN ladies join in on the fun and hopefully this month we have a ton more. our first link up party will be july 2, showcasing what everyone received from their sender. 

participating is simple!!

guidelines would be simple:
-each person is given the name and address of their receiver.
-once signed up, you are committed for that month to ensure your receiver gets something and isnt left hanging.
-each "package" would a be letter/card and a small trinket or two for your receiver to enjoy.
-no exuberant money to be spent. five to ten dollars for the package. a little goes a long way.
-no commitment required. you do not have to participant each month. you can quit at any time
-each month you receive the name and address of someone new to keep things fun and fair. if you get the same person twice & would like someone new, let me know asap so we can try to switch you with someone else.
-you must have your package out by the 15th of every month to ensure the receiver gets their package before months end.

i will then do a link up party, featuring the posts of what everyone received.

if you would like to participate, please send me your name, address, email address & blog address - cheersbethani {at} live {dot} com

participation is open to all readers, domestically and internationally.

deadline to participate for june is wednesday june 27. 
your receivers information will be sent to you on july 2.
deadline to send package will be july 15.
link up party featuring what everyone received for june will be august 3.
then august will begin.

i would love for you to tell your friends, share on your blog, etc. the bigger the better you know?


any questions let me know.

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

is it bedtime yet?

i'm sure you're looking at the title then this picture of old books and scratching your head.  but theres good reason i used this picture.  i feel like these books.  completely worn out!

all those pregnancy symptoms you hear your mom, friends, books talking about that arent so glorious? well i'm pretty sure i've been through them since i found out i was pregnant. 

nausea from the time i get up until i fall asleep. vomiting if my meal is too large, too sweet, too anything it seems. well i can eat apples, saltines, some veggies, chips and cheeseburgers.  oh and some mexican food. burritos are totally out of the equation. so is ice cream, oatmeal cookies, sweet drinks, and chicken if i have to smell it first.

bloating is ridiculous.  why do i already feel the need for super stretchy maternity pants and i'm not even showing. argh. and hiccups.  i've never imagined being pregnant would cause hiccups, but yeah i get them at least once a day.

but the symptom i wish the most would go away is the tiresome fatique that just wont subside.  i can sleep all day. not joking.  last night bedtime happened at 8 and thats only because husband said 8 was a reasonable time.  otherwise i would have fallen asleep as soon as i hit the front door.  and i cant keep my energy level up for anything. but no caffiene isnt really helping either.

so dear child, hopefully its just child singular, please oh please, give me my energy back. or my normal feeling stomach. take your pick. i just need one please. sore boobs and back i can handle.