Monday, October 22, 2012

little notes #10

25 weeks

dear mr benjamin,
i can feel you moving around in there all the time these days.  some days you've got me thinking what rock band you're a member of, because goodness gracious! but feeling you move reassures me that you're in there and doing good.

dear weatherfella,
you know how a few weeks or so ago, i wished the cool weather would stick around? well you heard my wish apparently (thank you!!), because a super cool front is supposed to move in late thursday night. and its only gonna be high 60 low 40's friday, saturday and sunday.. well thats as far as the forecast shows, so maybe you'll be good to me and let those temps stick around permanently.

dear roxie,
well its that time. apparently listening to your mother and father isnt a part of your vocabulary. and with benjamin's arrival approaching quickly, you need to learn a few manners.  so doggie school is in your near future.  i hope you forgive us for all the new rules, but you really need it. and so do we.

dear christmas. & thanksgiving.,
hallelujah! you're so close, i can feel all the tingles and excitement going on in my stomach. well that could be benjamin too. or my totally whacked out digestive system. but i think i'm more excited this year than i have ever been before for both of you. besides the fact that i get to "eat for two" at both holidays, this year has even more special meaning for me and dearest husband. a.) its our first christmas in our home, so this mama-to-be is buttering up husband for a REAL tree this year. b.) we're expecting so we get to celebrate with benjamin, (even though he's not "here" physically, he's here with us, big belly wise.) which means he gets presents too. c.) we have a roxie to buy for too and i'm pretty sure she will enjoy barking and trying to gnaw on the tree.  so its time to bust out the holiday stuff and get this holiday season started. (I may or may not have already started listening to my Trans-Siberian Orchestra Christmas music in the car. Benjamin and I totally love it.) have you started getting your holiday stuff together even though its not even November yet?

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