Friday, May 29, 2009

mind at ease

housing update:

-we have texture on our walls (yes walls!) and the brick is finally finished alot with the address plaque which is totally lovely and adorable. we may even actually have a mailbox by the time we make it out there tonight...

-counters/cabinets/shelving/baseboards hopefully to be in next week. *crossing our fingers on that one)

also, Damon got with one of his friends, Lance, who does home loans part time and he is going to help damon out, which means no more of HMS who have been giving Damon the run around... this has totally put my mind at ease, knowing we will have a loan ready for us when closing time rolls around, which looks to be in 3-4 weeks. Seriously?!?>! I can't believe that.. It was just dirt what seems to be like yesterday!

Hopefully I will have pictures soon.. I know I know i keep saying that.. I've just been CRAZY busy.

Oh and we have found our new weekend place, the lake! And I'm actually getting color and exercise at the same time.. Its perfect!

Love you all.

Thursday, May 28, 2009

plain and boring

i seriously can not figure out why my template is no longer showing or anything.

so i'm stuck with ugliness until them..

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Thursday, May 21, 2009

bristol and classic linen

the brick has been delivered.. the drywall meeting is on Friday. Next week Damon and I will have walls, yes REAL walls, in the house.

I can't wait to take pictures :)

Monday, May 18, 2009

welcome to the neighborhood

so Damon and I made our daily visit to the house yesterday just to check and see what all had happened since Friday, because it rained on Saturday and figured must didnt take place. but to our surprise we discovered we have most of the wiring completed for electricity so now just the stinkin roof needs to finish having the shingles on and i think we are good to go for brick and drywall.. How exciting!!

From the time that we started going out there we have seen alot of the neighbors coming and going, being nosey as to who their new residents are, etc. As we were getting ready to leave to head back to Gvine, the guy across the street approached us and welcomed us to the neighborhood. Before you know it the whole strip of neighbors right there by us began filtering out of their lives to come over and introduce themselves. I like to know now we are not moving into an old folks community or neighboring with a group full of weirdos. This now makes me even more excited to move in and start living the neighborhood lifestyle again.

I know I have been alittle disappointing on the picture posting lately, but since I have taken over Pam's desk at work I really haven't had any quality photo uploading time. :( oh well, and plus now that i think about it i think i left the camera in Damon's truck. Meh oh well.

Work has been extremely crazy in my world, learning so many things as quickly as possible, so typically by the end of the week now, my brain is usually the consistency of jello.

Damon and I are well, just ready for that house to be finished already. :) <3

Monday, May 11, 2009

seriously....did this just happen???

so i am kind of beyond words at this point.

the changes today could be a very great thing.. its just going to be an extremely lengthy process if it remains permanent (which i kind of hope it does)

it has occupied my WHOLE work day, so I will try to swipe chucks computer tonight to do an official update about whats been going on with us in the past few days.

love and miss you all <3

Friday, May 8, 2009

i know its 5 o clock somewhere... just not here :(

so i've been sooooo busy today i haven't been able to give an elaborate update with pictures about the house...

but i promise lots of things have been done (like walls, windows and doors). ive just been so busy that i havent time.

sorry for the let down.. hopefully this weekend maybe or monday at the latest... i promise!

enjoy the nice weather everyone... <3

Thursday, May 7, 2009

animals, fish, and fun

fun day at the aquarium...

i laugh everytime i look at this picture basically because i'm either getting a smile or finger... and well emilee is learning the whole wave thing, but i swear it looks like a finger too...
promise you though, she doesn't know that hand gesture, its just funny how cameras can snap just at the wrong time picking up an image that really isn't supposed to be what it shows.

kid in a candy store

so with the rain and weather here lately, the work on the house has been kind of unpredictable yet predictable at the same time only because his sister, Grayce's house is about a week ahead of ours, so we kind of know what to expect...

even with knowing, I act completely like a 5 year old in their favorite store getting to pick whatever they want.. Its sooooooo exciting, seeing something new being done, no matter how big or small it is... we are now to the point that we go out everyday, just to see and check, just in case. and it never gets old or boring either..

we have a roof (well the trusses) :)

we had a boxed ceiling upgrade for the master bedroom (you can kind of tell here)

from the backyard (you see the master and kitchen)

they also started the exterior walls (2 sheets up) yay!

so now we are waiting for the rest of the exterior walls and the windows/doors to be put in.... hopefully today that will happen....

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

matchsticks aligned..


damon in the master bedroom

from the street...

maybe we will have roof soon :) today hopefully... now is when the pace picks up...

Monday, May 4, 2009

customizing, updating

so i'm tweaking the blog to be more about us and our little adventures, thus why the picture is no longer there. we need one.. a good one that is.. its always not approved by one party in the picture, so hopefully soon I can get one of the both of us that i like.

otherwise notice the url change also.

more soon <3

craigslist <3

Damon and I have been looking at a few things for the house once it is ready for move-in, mainly a dining room table and refridgerator (black side by side.) We had found a few at a couple different stores that we liked, but really didnt like spending that kind of money right now.

So we gave Craigslist a try, and I am absolutely in love with that site now. Here's what we found and purchased last week, and I must say, I can't wait to see it in the house and start using them:

The table - it has a leaf so it will expand to 54 x 54; counter height

The "wine bar" - we can take out the wine bottle rack and use it for a curio cabinet :)

The chairs - we got all four of them to go with the table, and they are cushioned and comfy

We got all of them for a fantastic deal which we couldn't pass up, and everything is in fanstastic condition, so that made me even more willing to get it... So now the hunt is on for the black side by side fridge. We're in no hurry, since we have until July to find one.

The frame is being started today, so by the end of the week we should have a "house." I can't wait for that!