Thursday, May 7, 2009

kid in a candy store

so with the rain and weather here lately, the work on the house has been kind of unpredictable yet predictable at the same time only because his sister, Grayce's house is about a week ahead of ours, so we kind of know what to expect...

even with knowing, I act completely like a 5 year old in their favorite store getting to pick whatever they want.. Its sooooooo exciting, seeing something new being done, no matter how big or small it is... we are now to the point that we go out everyday, just to see and check, just in case. and it never gets old or boring either..

we have a roof (well the trusses) :)

we had a boxed ceiling upgrade for the master bedroom (you can kind of tell here)

from the backyard (you see the master and kitchen)

they also started the exterior walls (2 sheets up) yay!

so now we are waiting for the rest of the exterior walls and the windows/doors to be put in.... hopefully today that will happen....

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