Monday, May 18, 2009

welcome to the neighborhood

so Damon and I made our daily visit to the house yesterday just to check and see what all had happened since Friday, because it rained on Saturday and figured must didnt take place. but to our surprise we discovered we have most of the wiring completed for electricity so now just the stinkin roof needs to finish having the shingles on and i think we are good to go for brick and drywall.. How exciting!!

From the time that we started going out there we have seen alot of the neighbors coming and going, being nosey as to who their new residents are, etc. As we were getting ready to leave to head back to Gvine, the guy across the street approached us and welcomed us to the neighborhood. Before you know it the whole strip of neighbors right there by us began filtering out of their lives to come over and introduce themselves. I like to know now we are not moving into an old folks community or neighboring with a group full of weirdos. This now makes me even more excited to move in and start living the neighborhood lifestyle again.

I know I have been alittle disappointing on the picture posting lately, but since I have taken over Pam's desk at work I really haven't had any quality photo uploading time. :( oh well, and plus now that i think about it i think i left the camera in Damon's truck. Meh oh well.

Work has been extremely crazy in my world, learning so many things as quickly as possible, so typically by the end of the week now, my brain is usually the consistency of jello.

Damon and I are well, just ready for that house to be finished already. :) <3

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