Thursday, May 30, 2013

airhogs with my honey

a few weeks ago, thanks to my awesome parents, we ventured to the airhogs game for a little night of our own. we love us some baseball & being that the airhogs games are cheap & exciting, it made for the perfect night for us.

12 dollars a person & sitting behind home plate - awesome deal if you ask me. we super splurged on calories & stuffed our faces with all kinds of yummy ballpark food. nachos, corn dogs, funnel cakes & fried oreos. i told ya we stuffed our faces.

the weather was perfect & i couldnt have asked for a better way to spend my evening. if you're in the area, go! its great & you won't be disappointed.

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Wednesday, May 29, 2013

where's waldo??

i know i know! i said i was coming back to blogging and then bam! gone for weeks. well those with small ones know you blog when ya can & then you just make up for the missed posts at another time! and by making up for missed posts i have many!

so what have we been up to you ask? lots!!

first of all - the winner of the giveaway from the beginning of the month has been revealed! did you win? contact me to claim your winnings!

we are also doing the following:
-husband and i had like an official night out alone! no friends, no benjamin. just us!
-benjamin has begun teething! egads! & supported sitting! & eating cereal! OMG! where has my baby boy gone?!
-we painted!
-ive got stuff from crowdtap & bzzagent to review!
-got a few more recipes under my belt
- & basically just been enjoying been that SAHM life with my boys.

i've been reading along on other blogs during quiet/nap times & love to see where everyone is at in their lives!

have a wonderful wednesday everyone.

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Tuesday, May 7, 2013

shop ruche: dress love

1  -  2  -  3  -  4

lately with the amazing weather we have been having (knock on wood!), i have really been ogling over dresses and fun flowy clothing items to wear on my time off. and the print & style options anymore seem endless. they also look amazingly cozy!

one of the companies that i am an affiliate for, shop ruche, has some of the cutest dresses, that have the vintage/retro feel, without being over the top expensive. well number 4 is alittle over my budget, but is currently on sale, so i may have to save some pennies and get it.

have a favorite dress that you can't live without or know where to go for some fun, comfortable dresses? please share!
*all opinions are my own & i am not receiving any compensation for this post*

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Monday, May 6, 2013

zoo day with the littles

several weekends ago (procrastinate much?) we took a trip to the zoo with my brother's family. it was benjamin's first real zoo trip. & what better zoo than one of the top ranked in the nation?  while i was pregnant with him, husband took me there for my birthday. there is something that i just love about the zoo. maybe its the animals?

benjmain is still young enough that he didnt care too much about anything that was going on, which is what we expected. but with infants getting in free, i'm down for that. my brothers kids on the other hand had a great time like they always do. their favorite? feeding the birds off sticks.

it was definitely baby weather while we were there, both human and animal. from baby monkeys to the baby giraffes, there was plenty of oohing and aahing going on with us.

whats your favorite animal at the zoo?

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Friday, May 3, 2013

dream your biggest dreams - mine involves food & wheels

my mom and i have talked numerous times, if money weren't a factor, we would have a food truck. funny right? we both love food & cooking. and the thought of your eatery capable of being in a different spot everyday if you wanted sounds glamorous.

i was just watching "street eats" featuring food trucks all over the country and it makes me wish and hope more that one day maybe this dream could become a reality. after all, husband and i could eat at our local food truck park every night if weather wasn't so unpredictable.

so what is one of your biggest dreams?

have a terrific weekend my friends!

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Thursday, May 2, 2013

a recipe: baked ravioli

back a few weeks ago, i had planned on making this simple, yet delicious looking meal. i found it on pinterest, much like the rest of my menu choices. and people say pinterest is bad. and this recipe can have quite the variety depending on the sauce or raviolis you choose to use.

when i made this, we definitely had cheese overload as i used cheese raviolis, but next time i'm thinking of using the spinach chicken ones i found at the store.

1 bag of frozen ravioli
1 jar of pasta sauce
1 bag of shredded cheese
parmasean cheese

how to:
preheat oven to 400 degrees. spray sides and bottom of 9x13 glass baking dish with cooking spray.

using 3/4 cup of pasta sauce, coat bottom of dish.
create layer of raviolis on top of sauce.
using half of remaining pasta sauce, spread over raviolis.
sprinkle sauce and raviolis with half of the shredded cheese.
repeat ravioli, sauce and cheese layer.
sprinkle top with parmasean cheese.

cover pan with foil and bake for 30 minutes at 400 degrees.
remove foil & continue cooking for 10-15 minutes until middle of dish is hot and bubbly.

makes for great leftovers too!

thanks again pinterest for yet another delicious meal!

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Wednesday, May 1, 2013

mommyhood: don't panic! chances are it might happen #1

i previously mentioned that i tried to prepare as much as possible for becoming a mommy. but in reality its one of those live and learn kind of situations. "go with your gut" is what i have always been told. but here a few things, that i've discovered and been through with benjamin over the first almost three months since he arrived. now these dont happen to everyone, but they did to us.

Q: where did our sweet little boy go?
when we had benjamin and we cooped cozily up in the hospital, he was a great baby. never really fussed & slept alot! then we came home. do they infuse drugs through their ventilation systems or something? because as soon as we came home it was totally opposite. he didnt like to sleep and he cried (well more like blood curdling screamed) all night long. secret to us: the formula they had us supplementing tore up his poor tummy. we now use sensitive and are on the right path to big boy city!

Q: what are all those little red spots on his head and face? we thought it was baby acne. nope wrong again. baby acne actually is a little larger in size. what these were actually is just a basic heat rash. babies, when they are born, all their sweat glands havent opened yet & so when they are hot, fussy or just basically irritated, those glands clog, because they are still opening. so we stuck to mild soaps and keeping him as cool as possible. too bad he has this fuzzy blanket he absolutely loves and we live in Texas! all in all secret to us: this should clear up by month 5. phew!

Q: Ack! Why are his eyes all crunchy and boogery? another one of those babies and body things. his tear ducts havent fully opened so they clog easily. secret to us: this is easy to take care of. massage tear duct a few times a day and lay a warm compress on their eyes to have unclog those ducts! ours went away on its own, but if by 4 months you are still having problems, the dr can help out.

Q: My modesty! What happened to it? Yep, that pretty much goes out the window when you're pregnant. And whats even funnier, is how quickly you forget you ever even had any. I was bound and determined, no one was gonna see anything when I delivered, except those doctors. Well deliveries are completely different for everyone and everything can change in a split second. So just be prepared!

Q: Is that a seizure? Why is he hitting me? Eh, chances are its not a seizure. I panicked about this! But babies are getting control of motor skills and some even have the startle reflex causing them to flail some when they sleep. No worries, this goes away. Thank goodness! Co-sleeping with a flailer is tough on my body.

Q: Does it ever get better? Yes it does! My aunt told me if we can get through the first 3 weeks, we will survive.  And honestly, I really have no clue how we did it. I cried more in those first weeks then I ever did in my whole life. Counting labor! I actually never even cried during labor until they told me he was positioned wrong and I was going to have a c-section. But yes, it is terribly trying, hard, and stressful, not to mention, sleep lacking, but its worth every second of the chaos. Adult Swim, baseball & lots of milkshakes got me through it. Its okay! It doesnt make you a bad parent, even though you feel like it all the time during those first few weeks.

That's just a few of the oh-em-gee moments we have had, with a million more to follow. Make this a series? I just might. Anything you are wondering or have questions about? Chances are, this little family has been there.

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hump day happiness #2

this week is a particularly happy week for husband and i! we have been married two years as of yesterday! what a crazy two years it has been. we bought a house & had the most handsome little boy in those two quick years.

our honeymoon in fredericksburg

first things first: my husband! without him i wouldnt be where i'm at today. i wouldnt have this amazing home or my handsome little boy. i also wouldnt have the best best friend in the whole world. more importantly i wouldnt have my perfect pair; the one who completes me and makes my life full of smiles, laughter and adventure. i love you!

going to rack dive

my new job! its totally different than what i'm used to and it has been challenging learning everything there is to know, but its been so much fun in the process. not to mention the fact that i've lost five pounds in the first three weeks of working there.  thats for sure something to be happy about!

everything is green! we have gotten rain here recently, plus the weather is amazing, so everything is growing and thriving! which makes my drive anywhere so scenic. i particularly love the streets that are lined with full trees that create a canopy of the roads. so whimsy and wonderland like.

getting sooooooo big!
my parents! as hard as it was my parents babysat benjamin overnight a couple of weekends ago, so damon and i could have a night out/off without any crying, diaper changing or swaddling. or co-sleeping. it was great! and much needed for our relationship as husband and wife. i have to tell myself its ok every now and again to have those nights.

what are you happy for today?

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