Wednesday, May 29, 2013

where's waldo??

i know i know! i said i was coming back to blogging and then bam! gone for weeks. well those with small ones know you blog when ya can & then you just make up for the missed posts at another time! and by making up for missed posts i have many!

so what have we been up to you ask? lots!!

first of all - the winner of the giveaway from the beginning of the month has been revealed! did you win? contact me to claim your winnings!

we are also doing the following:
-husband and i had like an official night out alone! no friends, no benjamin. just us!
-benjamin has begun teething! egads! & supported sitting! & eating cereal! OMG! where has my baby boy gone?!
-we painted!
-ive got stuff from crowdtap & bzzagent to review!
-got a few more recipes under my belt
- & basically just been enjoying been that SAHM life with my boys.

i've been reading along on other blogs during quiet/nap times & love to see where everyone is at in their lives!

have a wonderful wednesday everyone.

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  1. Whoot! Congrats to the winner... Oh, wait, it's me! ;) I sent you an email to claim. And I totally get it. I haven't had my little one and my blogging comes and goes already...


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