Monday, May 6, 2013

zoo day with the littles

several weekends ago (procrastinate much?) we took a trip to the zoo with my brother's family. it was benjamin's first real zoo trip. & what better zoo than one of the top ranked in the nation?  while i was pregnant with him, husband took me there for my birthday. there is something that i just love about the zoo. maybe its the animals?

benjmain is still young enough that he didnt care too much about anything that was going on, which is what we expected. but with infants getting in free, i'm down for that. my brothers kids on the other hand had a great time like they always do. their favorite? feeding the birds off sticks.

it was definitely baby weather while we were there, both human and animal. from baby monkeys to the baby giraffes, there was plenty of oohing and aahing going on with us.

whats your favorite animal at the zoo?

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