Monday, November 30, 2009

I35 South to Elm Mott. Can't miss it!

Damon and I went with Paula and Carlos Saturday down to Elm Mott Texas where they have the Homestead Thanksgiving Fair.  I had been in the past to the Sourgham fair, but not to the Thanksgiving fair.  It was soo interesting to see how people can still sustain a farm lifestyle by using the "old school" technologies.  From candles to cheese, people could experience how they did everything their way, plus the food was FANTASTIC!

I'm so glad Thanksgiving is done, bc now we are in full tilt Christmas mode, which I LOVE!  I think I could live in Christmas times all year round and not be sad about it.  The tree is up, well it has been for about 3 weeks now, decor is out, gifts are wrapped and Christmas music is playing.  I love CHRISTmas!

Thursday, November 19, 2009

something old.

I have determined old things go nicely in the apartment.  I hope Damon doesn't mind it tooo much.  I know I'm an old soul stuck in a 25 y/o body.  Oh well.  Could be worse.

Thanksgiving is NEXT week!!!! EGADS!  I have soooo much to do before today and then.  Cook, cook, sleep, cook, and cook some more.  Hopefully I make it through. 

 And then my first Black Friday experience is this year.  I sure hope its worth all the hype.

Thursday, November 5, 2009

the christmas air is in the distance

We are getting ready for the Christmas season around work as well as the apartment.  I know, its only November 5, but I have a bad tendency of waiting til the last minute so I'm trying to get a jump start this year.

One of the things we do at work is a  Cookie Exchange during the Holidays. This year I'm going to try out AskAida's Toasted Coconut and Orange Icebox Cookies.   They sound totally FABULOUS! I will let you know how they turn out. 

Besides that, we go out to dinner as a department and do the Christmas tree thing.  Busy busy I tell ya. 

Damon and I are already planning out the tree, gifts, and decor as it gets closer and closer and things begin going on sale.  I must say this is my most favorite time of the year. 

Nothing like fine dining!

Monday, November 2, 2009

the nip in the air is comforting

driving to work this morning with coffee in hand, it felt quite comforting to actually have a COAT on with the temperature gauge for the AC over the red part just a little. yea it was only 45 which isn't eskimo or guiness books worthy, but i know it mean red noses, scarves, long sleeves and cocoa are upon us.

I pulled out the first of the christmas decor this weekend. (yes i know, only november 2,) but really, I'm a christmas decorating fool. I love everything winter, christmas-y and lovely. I can't help it. And my goals are to make Damon a little more Holiday this year. :)

On all the blogs I read, the favorite things list is a must and I can say I have not offically done one before so here it goes (fall edition):

Baking/Cooking - a new found love.

The lights at night off all the sky rise buildings

Camarel Apples and Popcorn Balls

The rustling and color changing of leaves
Campbell's Chicken Noodle & Tomato Soups
Rosy Cheeks and Noses
Spending time with family and friends
Giving Thanks
Macy's Day Parade