Thursday, November 5, 2009

the christmas air is in the distance

We are getting ready for the Christmas season around work as well as the apartment.  I know, its only November 5, but I have a bad tendency of waiting til the last minute so I'm trying to get a jump start this year.

One of the things we do at work is a  Cookie Exchange during the Holidays. This year I'm going to try out AskAida's Toasted Coconut and Orange Icebox Cookies.   They sound totally FABULOUS! I will let you know how they turn out. 

Besides that, we go out to dinner as a department and do the Christmas tree thing.  Busy busy I tell ya. 

Damon and I are already planning out the tree, gifts, and decor as it gets closer and closer and things begin going on sale.  I must say this is my most favorite time of the year. 

Nothing like fine dining!

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