Wednesday, June 24, 2009

the kitty claws are out

I must admit I am addicted, well beyond addicted to the Real Housewives of New Jersey. I have been an avid watcher since it began airing and haven't missed a moment since. For some reason this group of ladies is; I have enjoyed more than all the others. Maybe all the NJ drama and the accents to go with it. Oh and that big freakin hair on Teresa. And maybe the fact that Jacqueline has a identical twin that I just so happen to work with.

But anyway, watched the reunion, well part 1 of 2 last night. Wow! Some of the things these ladies have the nerve to say to one another. I could tell Danielle is still very upset about the whole situation with the "book." But you know, you brought it all on yourself by starting the fight at dinner. If it was 25 years ago and not a big deal anymore and you don't want it to be a big deal anymore, than why keep it going? I just don't understand that part of it.

I was actually reading an article on one of the magazine/gossip websites this morning about the interviews that are going to be in People magazine, I think it actually came out today. But anyway, apparently Jacqueline (I'm stealing her name for a kid one day..human or pet..) and Danielle are no longer friends, even though Jacqueline stuck up for Danielle at the dinner, due to the fact that more dirty laundry is coming out about Danielle. She's not such a pretty housemom after all.

I'm ready to buy the magazine and read it all for myself.

Ready for season 2 to start already. And I really hope Dina does something with that hair of hers, bc the peroxide blonde just doesnt work. I'm sorry..

I also think it would be super exciting if they did Real Housewives of somewhere in DFW like Southlake or Plano or Addison.. that would GREAT! I would definetely watch!

Moving >> 6 days to go :)

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

here we come..

the countdown has begun.. we move into our new place in exactly a week. I can hardly wait.

the new place is soooo much prettier and more to our liking and I can't wait for the excitement to begin. we have been packing every chance we get in order to be getting everything moved when the day comes rather than still packing.

besides that, the heat is beyond ridiculous and anyone else living here knows what i am talking about.. thats one reason we are glad to be moving into the 1st floor rather than the 2nd or even the 3rd in some cases, because its always cooler on the first floor :)

I hope everyone is well. Once we get moved in and settled i will begin baking/cooking more.. more space + a dining room <3

Sunday, June 14, 2009

just stick it out.. it wont be long

damon and i went and looked at apartment down the way yesterday.. its still in grapevine, thats what we were shooting for. we were also shooting for something reasonable, yet nice, roomy and safe.

and we found exactly that i am happy to say. i left the ultimate decision up to him because mainly its him on the current lease so it would be more of a hassle for him than for myself. it came down to leaving from our appointment and he was busted out with "im ready to fill out an application," so we did, paid our money and waited to hear something back.. not even an hour from that cherie called us with the great news.. we had a new home, we just dont know when the exact day is but its within the next few weeks/month. plenty of time, plus i have vacation coming up so it could possibly work out nicely. will post pictures of our new place when we get in and settled.

other exciting news this weekend... damon sent me a text on friday about the celebrity baseball game going on in frisco yesterday and how he wanted to go, mainly because a bunch of current and past cowboys would be there.

we went out there, and it was freaking HOT! i was completely miserable.. but
it was worth it, even though i felt as though i was going to die. Damon got to get Jason Witten's autograph, which he really wanted. Soon there after i couldnt take it any more, so we left.. even before the actual game started, but not seeing the game, but knowing he got the one autograph he really wanted made it worth every penny i spent. instead we went out to haslet and took his little sisters swimming and ate.

other than that, not much else is new in our worlds.. so im going to say bye for now and go take a shower.

Friday, June 5, 2009

vacay in the future?

so damon and i have decided we seriously need a vacation after all this house stuff has happened.. i think i might have him convinced to take me to this b&b in granbury for a weekend. some pictures of the room im hoping for (the Clarissa) is below. its really heavenly looking..
they offer daytime activities, a 3 course breakfast on fine china, and beverages and fresh baked goodies all day.. and its on lake granbury which is beautiful. my kind of place!

its not too far away from home so we do not have to take off from work, but far enough away that its a "vacay"

so i've got my mind offically set, and in my head i'm already there, so now just got to work on damon.
wish me luck.. <3

Thursday, June 4, 2009

sad day on lost prairie

long story short since i do not have more time, which i will elaborate more on later, we aren't moving into the house.

its all in the finanacing/mortgage people's hands.

so we are going to get another apartment, which we found lots of perks in doing, so it all works out nicely.

plus like my mom always told me and now i'm always telling him, everything happens for a reason, whether we see that reason in 5 minutes or 15 years we will see it.

but gotta go, breakfast is calling.