Thursday, December 30, 2010

auld lang syne

2010 is pretty much behind us now, and 2011 is sitting outside our front door. time sure does fly doesn't it??  plenty of us are pondering what our next New Year's resolution will be or how next year will be "different."

so many things have happened to me this year, both wonderful & not so wonderful, but i wouldn't change anything.  it all happens for a reason, just another chapter to my life book.

i got engaged to the mister.  i saw my nephew start elementary school. i have learned so many things. i have been to a funeral. i've been to a wedding. we have laughed. we have cried.  we have gained. we have lost.  we have lived.

♥♥♥♥ ♥♥♥♥

 All in all, it has been a GREAT year.  2011 can only be sweeter, and I'm ready for it!

i hope so many of you have had the same amount of joy and pleasure from 2010 that i did.  and with new year's eve tomorrow, i hope you all party it up! 2010 only comes once. 

 stay safe, be merry, have a drink for me, and kiss someone at midnight! love you all cyber lovelies! see you in 2011!

auld lang syne!

remember me, sweet bravery..

This blog is going to take a little turn today from the normal genre of posts.  Its not about about things we wish we had, what we're doing this weekend, what awesome picture we took last night or even what awesome wedding item I found. This post today is dedicated to someone that I remember seeing at the YMCA when I was in fifth grade and throughout the halls until I graduated with her sister.  This is to remember Jillian. 

I remember Jillian just like I remember her sister.  A girly girl.  On the cheerleading squad for as long as I could remember us having one.  Everyone knowing her name and everyone enjoying her beautiful gorgeous smile.  What I didn't know, was that she wanted to be a police officer and had always wanted to be.  And with time, she achieved her goal.  Graduated from the police academy and finally got to be a solo officer with her own beat. 

Sadly, life was cut short for Jillian on Tuesday, doing what her heart always wanted to do.  Saving lives and helping others, in particularly the child's life she saved when  Jillian lost her's.   She had only been patroling solo for 15 days.  There are so many questions that people are wanting answers to, but with time, hopefully all of them can be answered.

I feel extreme hurt for her family and those close to her, including the police department.  I know her family is going through one of the toughest times of their lives.  But if her family is anything like I know back in school, they will make it through.  They have an amazing bond with one another.  And with that, they will make it through.  I know she is in Heaven, watching down, smiling.  She truly is an angel for the sacrafice she made.

May God bless and comfort her family and loved ones in this time of sorrow.  

RIP Jillian Michelle Smith.  We love you and will miss you dearly, but see you again one day.  

**photos courtesy of weheartit

Wednesday, December 29, 2010

let the words do the talking...

It would be so easy for me to get lost in a place like this.  Millions of books lining the walls, stacked to the ceilings, just begging to be opened by another wandering library patron.  The smell of old books has a way of calming me with the quietness of readers and the occasional gasp of emotion as to what happens on the next page.  

Used bookstores and libraries are somewhat magical to me; you never know what your determined eyes and thumbing fingers will find.  Searching to your heart's content for that PERFECT book.  Once it is found, that sense of gratitude overwhelms the stagnant air knowing your next adventure is about to begin.

If your life was a book, what would it be titled?  What would it be say? Would there be many readers? 

you are beautiful & amazing..

I mentioned yesterday on Twitter that music and their accompanying videos sometimes lead to great inspiration for posts.  Todays inspiration - Bruno Mars' "Just The Way You Are."  The songs from his albums that I have heard always seem to have this "so true" message, that most people in today's world have experienced.  You sit there listening, thinking, "OMG, that's me!" And with a New Year knocking on our door, this seems to be a fitting post for a New Year, New You kind of start.

"Just The Way You Are" is such a beautiful message that most of us, myself included, really need to listen to.  So many times we allow ourselves to get caught up in the Hollywoodness of society - thinking we have to look a certain way, dress a certain way, be a certain body type, etc.  I mean the list goes on for days.  Ask the Mister.  He can vouch for me being oh so guilty of the beating up of myself because I don't feel I look the way I should because of all the meaness and stereotypes everyone has of each other. 

This song shows us we are perfect all in our own ways.  We are loved because of the way we are, not of the ways we "aren't."  The people that truly love us, love us because of our inner and outer beauty, not just what we are wearing or what hairstyle we have.

So I am making this one of my many New Year resolutions - to stop being so critical of myself and to start loving me for me. I want everyone to wake up in the mornings and say "I love me," including myself.  

Will you join me??

Tuesday, December 28, 2010

four months and some..

I can't believe there's  only 4 months and 2 days left until I become Mrs. Gregg!

We still have so much to do, but I know with enough patience, late nights and help we will get it all done.  I can hardly wait to start cake tasting and flower picking. 

If you are married, what was your favorite part of the planning process?

the grand reopening and the great mind behind it


Welcome! Come one, Come All!   As you can see its quite different around When A Girl Met A Boy, but I promise it stills offers all the wonderful yumminess from days of old.

MANY THANKS to Lindsay at Scenic Glory and her amazing design skills, WAGMAB's new look became possible.   She is an absolute wonderful creator of all things artistic and beautiful. She also knows how to turn a few words of blogger wants into blogger reality.  Everything about this blog design was created by Lindsay.  

Lindsay does it all when it comes to blog design: buttons, backgrounds, headers, grab me buttons.  You name it shes capable.  Stop on by and check her out sometime and send some mad love to this awesome lady (here) - links to her blog space are located on both sidebars for your convenience as well. 

If you prefer to email her for more information regarding pricing, options, etc, send me a quick email for information on how to get in touch with her.. >>>>

Again, a humongous world of THANKS to Lindsay, the great mind behind this blog design.

Monday, December 27, 2010

for the snail mail lovers and wanters..


About a week ago, well December 23 to be exact, Lindsay over at Scenic Glory, posted about having pen pals.  She has since then compiled a list of addresses from her readers and will be pen paling back and forth between those that are interested.  This beautiful lady always seems to inspire me with her creativity and imagination, with all her projects and ideas that she is constantly coming up with..  She is absolutely AMAZING! You definitely need to stop by her blog sometime and spend a few moments reading her words and show some love upon departure. 

With that, I have decided to go in a similar direction, and start a pen pal list of my own.  Its always fun to keep up with those across the world via snail mail, whether it be a card or handwritten letter. Being able to "experience" a little piece of other countries/places from someone else's perspective is such an enjoyment for me.  

But I have decided to throw a little something extra into my pen pal project.  If you decide to participate, which I think you should because it will be lots of fun, I promise, email me with your home address along with your birthday (so you can get a special little something on your special day.) 

My email is  > > > email me with your name, home address and birthday and I will send you mine as well. 

Let the pen paling begin!

p.s. that little mail box up top  - totally love it, wish mine looked like this and my letters came tied in cute ribbon too.

to warm up your tummies..

My parents got the Mister and I a new 7-Quart Crock Pot as part of our Christmas this year, probably because I've been constantly talking about how we need a new one, and a big one at that. So I was ever so excited when I saw it sitting there under the wrapping paper, already begging to be used.

And for the first meal to be cooked in it, I went back to a favorite of mine - Taco Stoup.  It stewy and its soupy, so its Stoup. I had shared the recipe with a few of you awhile back, but have managed to misplace that information, so I'm sharing it again. 

This recipe definetely warms your insides and leaves you stuffed and hoping there are leftovers.


1 (16 ounce) can pinto beans
1 (16 ounce) can white beans or 1 (16 ounce) can kidney beans
1 (11 ounce) can niblet corn
1 (11 ounce) can Rotel tomatoes & chilies
1 (28 ounce) can diced tomatoes
1 (4 ounce) can diced green chilies
1 (1 1/4 ounce) envelope taco seasoning mix
1 (1 ounce) envelope hidden valley ranch dressing mix
1 lb shredded chicken, ground beef or 1 lb any meat

How tos:
  1.  Cook meat and drain.
  2. Shred if needed.
  3. Add all ingredients to crock pot.
  5. Stir.
  6. Cook on high for 2 hours or low for 4 hours.
  7. Keep on low until serving to keep hot.
  8. Garnish with sour cream, shredded cheese, chopped green onions, or tortilla chips.

We had the Mister's dad and twin sisters over to dine with us and enjoy a few rounds of Family Game night on the PS3.  

If you make it, let me know how it turns out. I hope you enjoy it as much as we do.

Project 365

Before I post pictures for Project 365, I want to say, I hope everyone had a SPLENDID Christmas holiday and got everything (or most everything) you asked for and created wonderful memories with loved ones.

26/365 All the goodies I made for work during the Cook-A-Palooza

27/365 One of the many wonderful gifts Damon got me - now I can complete one of my Bucket List items - Beef Bourguignon

28/365 Main Street on Christmas - this is one of my favorite stores to pass - its always decorated for the season

29/365 Lately, Dexter loves hiding in the washing machine.  Children I tell you.

30/365 Packing up all the goodies to travel to all our families' houses.

31/365 Emilee was definitely treated well this Christmas. 

32/365  Amanda and Garrett gave me a gift card to Macy's.  New plates! Yay!  Thanks Guys!

What did y'all get for Christmas??

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

a gift for you...

In case I get super crazy busy with shopping, baking/cooking and running around to all the families' houses and forget to blog between now & Christmas day,

Merry Christmas everyone!

I love each of you dearly and hope you enjoy my small token of Merry Christmasness - since I don't have addresses to send real snail mail Christmas cards to, electronic blogosphere Christmas cards will do. XOXOX


you are loved..

Happy "Friday" for some, "Thursday" for others and "Wednesday" for the rest (who resent the fact they have to work ALL week)

And just a friendly reminder today (well everyday) that you are loved, even if you are in the deepest low of your days.  Someone out there is thinking of you, loving you and wishing they could be with you every single day. Love you all bunches and bunches!


Tuesday, December 21, 2010

'tis the season to be jolly..

sausage balls

pretzel rods, seasoned pretzels, and rolo pretzel turtle candies. my tote bag was packed to the brim <3

My work week this week is only Monday-Wednesday, with Thursday and Friday being our Christmas holiday time off.  And with a short week due to holidays, we decided to have Food Days all three days.. People have been bringing in ridiculous amounts of food the past couple of days, and we still have one more day to go.  I don't know if I'm going to be able to make it - all I have done the last two days is munch and munch.  And of course nothing is healthy.  But I have some super delicious recipes from this week that I'm going to be sharing later this week when I have some more time for extensive blogging...

I decided to make & share Sausage Balls (which turned out delicious, but a small catastrophe struck and they never made it to work), pretzel rods dipped in white almond bark & sprinkles, seasoned pretzels, & pretzel Rolo turtle candies (which are extremely sinful if you haven't experienced them before.) Pictures of the items I took are above.

Nothing to exciting this post, just filling the eyes of my readers with super delicious holiday yumminess!  Love you all! Cheers!

What treats do you like making & giving out at the holidays?

p.s. i'm super excited to see i have 25 followers.. the more the merrier.  i hope to have thousands one day :0)

Monday, December 20, 2010

happy monday!

-Emilee got Jenny, an Our Generation doll for Christmas from the Mister and I. They baked cupcakes for us-

Have a Marvelous Monday everyone!

Project 365

This week's Project 365 begins with the starting of all our Christmas parties, get togethers, etc, so you might be a bit Christmases out by the end of this.

 19/365 Our stuff from Soap Addict arrived Monday - that box smelt sooooooo amazing! 

20/365 My office received this 5lb. Hersey's bar from one of our carriers.  Can you believe this bar holds 12,000 calories - nothing like a guilt trip.

21/365 The Mister got me a pair of jeans from American Eagle for Christmas but told me I could have them when they arrived.. Lucky for me they came early :)

22/365  I thought maybe our "Let it Snow" rug would bring Texas a little luck.

23/365  From part of the Cook-a-palooza, the Cherry Danish for Damon's dad's Christmas get together.

24/365  Saturday we went to Sundance to see Santa Claus (aka my uncle.)  Too bad we were ONE minute late and the Santa Claus nazis (his bodyguards) wouldnt let us near him.

25/365 The Mister and I decided to do Christmas with the neice and nephew on Sunday - that way we wouldnt have to haul so much on Christmas day... 

I hope everyone had an amazing week last week - only 5 days until Christmas!

Friday, December 17, 2010

We live, we die, and the wheels on the bus go round and round.

-Edward Cole: "The Bucket List"

I have begun my own bucket list and decided to share it with my readers as a way to see what I'm up to.

Here's what I have so far - but I'm adding it as a page on the sidebar so you can see my progress over time.

My list:
1. Make it down the aisle. 2. Own a home with the mister. 3. Dine with a celebrity. 4. Have a spa day. 5. Go to Bass Hall and see a show. 6. Go back to NYC. 7. Ice skate at Rockafeller Center. 8. Visit Canada. 9. Start an ETSY shop. 10. See my neice and nephew graduate. 11. Make Beef Bourguignon. 12. Eat Fondue. 13. Meet in person a fellow blogger. 14. Tour the Smithsonian. 15. Visit Paris, France with the one I love. 16. Ride in a Hot Air Balloon. 17. Get over my fear of needles. 18. Give blood. 19. Wear a single digit pant size. 20. Go to a Super Bowl. 21. Stay at a Bed & Breakfast. 22. Ride in a Limo. 23. Go to the Ballet. 24. Ride in a subway. 25. Ride a horse. 26. Stay in the French Quarter. 27. Visit Greece. 28. Take a trip all via train. 29. Learn how to knit. 30. Go to a Ski Resort & learn to ski. 31. Scuba Dive 32. Visit Las Vegas. 33. Have an international pen pal. 34.


“You haven't lost your smile at all, it's right under your nose. You just forgot it was there.”


Just a simple reminder on this wonderful, much needed Friday morning.  And that is SMILE!

Smile because you're alive. Smile because you have good health.  Smile because you really don't have it that bad. Smile because you can..  And most of all Smile because you are loved!

It doesn't take much effort to smile - I promise.  And if you smile, you can definetely can laugh today too.  You don't realize what difference a smile or a good laugh can make in your day or someone else's.

Have you smiled yet today?

Thursday, December 16, 2010

if you wish upon a shooting star...

One of my favorite blogs to read is over at Scenic Glory - Lindsay always has something upbeat to say.  In one particular post - she took some time list her likes and wants at that current moment which she got inspiration from another fellow blogger. She gave us the challenge, should we decide to take it, to list our current likes and wants for others to read.

So here are mine.

I like:

  • i like checking the mail/email and having something with my name on it - makes me realize someone out there is thinking about me.
  • i like conversations with my mom on the phone - she is always good conversation on the long, bumper to bumper drives home from work.
  • i like (well love really) the smell of lavendar breeze - so much it sometimes gives me goosebumps :)
  • i like spending time with my neice and nephew - they are always excited to see the mister and i.
  • i like movie/tv night with the mister.  such a nice way to end the long work days.
  • i like mascara and long eyeslashes... so diva!
  • i like spaghettios and i'm 26.
  • i like going to central market even if i dont end up getting anything.
  • i like picnics with the mister - gives me reason to make enormous amounts of pasta salad.
  • i like completely black/dark gray outfits - so chic, sophisticated and lovely.

I want:
  • i want to be a better baker/chef - take more risks in the kitchen with mixing and matching foods and things
  • i want to learn to knit or crochet - so many pretty things you can make with yarn
  • i want to start an etsy shop - i love browsing all the shops and would like to have one of my own.
  • i want to have our own house one day that i can do whatever i want and not have some rule looming over our heads.
  • i want a dog.  simple as that.
  • i want to work in a soup kitchen again - it was so rewarding when i did it in the past.
  • i want to travel to a quaint little bed & breakfast kind of town with the mister and spend our time being free and lazy
  • i want all the politics and messiness of our goverment to go away  - i hate being the laughing stock of the world.
  • i want there to be a cure for all things miserable (cancer, aids, MS, polio, you get the idea)
  • i want our wedding to be perfect.

What would makes your little ideal world complete?


Relish in the moment today. Stop for a moment and enjoy everything around you. I think we are too busy as a world, just to look around to see the beauty of the world and all the things out there that we take advantage of every day.

Back in the day and by that I mean like '97ish, a song came out that I think should be a constant theme song or prelude to our days and how we should live them. Baz Luhrman. I really think he knew what he was doing when he created this song, but so many of us didn't take the time to listen.

Everybody's Free (To Wear Sunscreen)

You're not as fat as your imagine.
Don't worry about the the future; or worry, but know that worrying is as effective as trying to solve an algebra equation by chewing bubblegum.
Do one thing everyday that scares you.
Don't be reckless with other people's hearts, don't put up with people who are reckless with yours.
Dont waste your time on jealousy. Sometimes you're ahead, sometimes you're behind. The race is long, and in the end, it's only with yourself.
Remember the compliments you receive, forget the insults.
Don't feel guilty if you don't know what you want to do with your life. The most interesting people I know didn't know at 22 what they wanted to do with their lives, some of the most interesting 40 year olds I know still dont.
Maybe you'll marry, maybe you wont. Maybe you'll have children, maybe you wont.... .... Whatever you do, don't Congratulate yourself too much or berate yourself either. Your choices are half chance, so are everybody else's.
Enjoy your body.
Dance... even if you have nowhere to do it but your own living room.
Do NOT read beauty magazines, they will only make you feel ugly.
Get to know your parents, you never know when they'll be gone for good.
Be nice to your sibilings; they are the best link to your past and the people most likley to stick with you in the future.
Understand that friends come and go, but for the precious few you should hold on.
Respect your elders.

I hope these snippets bring a little peace and uplift to your day. Hopefully we can all learn a little something about how we should enjoy ourselves as much as possible, as we don't know when it will be over. We don't want to look back and have those what if moments.

What little things do you do as a reminder to yourself that you are the most imporant?

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

This is My Tuesday - but on Wednesday


     This week's "This Is My Tuesday" theme is >>> CHRISTMAS

Maybe its me, but every This is My Tuesday post I do, I have an extremely hard time picking just one picture.

This picture was taken while we were driving down Main Street back to our apartment one night. 

The reason I like this photo is because when it starts getting close to Christmas and by close I mean Thanksgiving, I start making the Mister Drive down/near Main Street so I can see if they have started decorating for Christmas yet - they usually have it decorated and ready to go a month before Christmas Day.  Being the Christmas Capital of Texas we dont do decorating in small amounts - Main Street goes all OUT! Parades, lights, music, THE WORKS!  And if anyone knows me, I LOVE CHRISTMAS! Like crazy amount of love for Christmas.

Whenever we are out I try to convince the Mister to take Main Street home just so I can look at the lights and the people - it will turn any bad day into a good one seeing the lights and decorations.

Christmas is supposed to an amazing holiday where there are not any bad days - just celebration with family, friends and those all that you love no matter where you are or what you are doing.  Cheers!


random thoughts...

  • I really would LOVE to start sponsoring giveaways like one a month, every other week, something like that, but I have no idea how to get started. Anyone has suggestions or advice?
  • I really wish it would snow outside! Like nice blanketing snow!
  • I could really take a nap right now.
  • Roasted marshmellows sound super delish right now along with a good movie.
  • I miss my Mister!
  • Is it Christmas yet??
What randomness is floating through your head right now??

"They didn't want it good, they wanted it Wednesday.”

-Robert A. Heinlein 

Happy Hump Day Lovers!

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

merry christmas... signed the sea...


No one ever promised life would be easy.  And if they did - they lied.  One of my major and by that i mean MAJOR flaws is the gift of patience.  I think when God created me, he gave me alot more of the other fruits - but patience, he was scarce on that day. 

Here lately, I have been struggling alot with patience. And without patience comes frustration..  Patience with work, patience with planning the wedding, patience with the holidays, patience with our cats, patience with my life; the list goes on.  I wish there was an OTC pill that could remedy this, but there isn't.  Its learned - all of it.   Just stopping and taking a deep breath goes a long way, but the world today seems to not have time for that.  We just go and go and go, and never step back and just breathe.. 

It takes a toll...

If it weren't for the mister and my mother, my life would be a constant crazy battlefield - me versus everything else. The mister keeps me in line - doesn't let me go too far over board on the bad days.  The mother - she always reassures me everything will be okay and work out.  The mister always knows how to turn my frown upside down.  They both know without words when something isn't okay.  Thank you both for knowing me so well. I love you, Damon! I love you, Mom!

I hope this post makes a way for today, tomorrow, the future. For me, for everyone..  A daily reminder to breathe - everything will be ok.. We will get through this - it will get worked out. 

Cheers to just stopping and breathing..

i never said i was normal

I try to post everyday during the week (except weekends, unless I'm near a computer somewhere since we dont have one at home.)  This morning I was totally befuddled on what to blog about so I started thinking.  Thinking sometimes gets me alot further than where I need to be, but I decided it was time to really share some "facts" about me.  I've had this blog for a few years, but only recently did I really get into the HEART of blogging, yet I haven't really shared much about myself and my life since that wonderful day back in 1984. So here goes.... 

1. i heart the color pink! 
2. my favorite movies are the girly, laugh, cry, laugh some more, use a whole box of kleenx type.
3. i hate being home alone especially when its dark out.. too many criminal mind episodes.
4. before the mister i was unorganized - thanks to him OCD taketh over my life somedays.
5. i believe in God and all that's up there - but i don't care too much for the church.
6. antique shopping is something i will never pass down.

7. i love snail mail, even though i'm horrible about getting around to sending it to people. 
8. i'm an old soul, stuck in a young body.
9. the apple really doesn't fall from the tree - ask my parents. 
10. i'm left handed.
11. i played viola for a few years in elementary school, sang in the school choir some in junior high.  now i just play guitar hero and sing loudly and out of tune.

12. i choose busy, busy rather than being bored out of my mind.
13. i went to A&M in Corpus Christi for a few years and totally hated it.
14. i wish i would have gone to culinary/pastry school instead.
15. for once in my life, my hair is long.  like super, shock people who know me well long.
16. i'm a tv junkie.. like hardcore.  i can watch my favorites over again and never get bored.
17.  i love new york city..sometimes too much..
18. i can say i dont have friends.. i have family...
19. i feel naked without putting on my eyebrows and mascara every morning..
20. i'm terrified of needles, but pnemonia and bronchitis helped me get over them some.
21. i have never ridden a horse and i live in Texas.
22. i would love to learn how to knit and crochet correctly.
23. i drive bruce... he's my honda civic.
24. i love flamingos!
25. i worked in mexico for two summers... i will never go back.
26. i met the man of my dreams on
27. we are getting married april 30, 2011.
28. i hated math in school, was terribly at it.  now i do reports with numbers as part of my job.
29. i have never been admitted to a hospital.
30. thunderstorms freak me out..
31. i'm a rough sleeper.
32. i have always wanted to visit australia and greece.
33. diet coke.  :)
34. i grew up only having one grandfather. 
35. i would love to eat at Paula Deen's resturant.
36. i always wanted to go on double dare as a child.
37. i would like to take a ride across the country on a train.
38. i get motion sickness when riding in the back seat for long periods of time.
39. i would not repeat high school.
40. i want to visit the smithsonian
41. people who know me say i talk to much.
42. i couldnt be a hunter...killing animals just isnt in me.
43. when i buy meat at the grocery store - i feel better if i tell myself they grow it there and nothing had to die for me to have food..
44. standard poodles are my favorite kind of dog.
45. my favorite movie is Steel Magnolias..
46. i'm lactose intolerant.
47. i would love to adopt a child some day.
48. i have worked in a soup kitchen. i loved it.

49. i'm guilty of holding grudges.
50. i'm addicted to febreeze 

Cheers to 26 years of AWESOMENESS!

Monday, December 13, 2010

Things That Make Me Terribly Happy - Christmas Edition


Sticking with the true spirit of things - it is time for Things That Make Me Terribly Happy - Christmas Edition

  1. Holiday Music all Month on 103.7 Lite FM
  2. Febreeze Holiday Scents
  3. Not having to count calories
  4. Christmas lights EVERYWHERE
  5. Hot Chocolate w/ LOTS and LOTS of Marshmellows
  6. Snuggling with the Mister
  7. Christmas movies - New and Old  (What's Your Favorite?)
  8. Wrapping Paper and Bows - I particularly like her paper this year
  9. Bundling up with Pea Coats, Scarves, Mittens and Boots
  10. SNOW! We may rarely get it here - but I love seeing photos of others snow adventures when we don't see any.

What are TEN of your ABSOLUTEFAVORITE things about Christmas??

The Great Cook-a-palooza

weheartit - edited by me.
We are T minus 12 days until Christmas and the list of what I need to make keeps growing and growing and growing!  Like seriously...  Maybe I'm in over my head.  I know I can do it, but sleep is a little important to me.  
Here's my list so far:
  • Cherry Danish - the Mister's dad's family side Christmas party - Saturday the 18th
  • Corn Casserole - my mom's mom's side of the family Christmas reunion - Sunday the 19th
  • Sausage Balls (Mild & Spicy) - My work's week of Christmas Food Craze Days!  - Monday the 20th
  • Seasoned Pretzels - Christmas treats for all the coworkers - thats like 25 people folks -  Tuesday the 21st
  • Holiday Pretzel Rods - Christmas treats for all the coworkers - thats like 25 people folks - Tuesday the 21st
  • Rice Crispie Treats - Christmas treats for all the coworkers - thats like 25 people folks - Tuesday the 21st
  • Pretzel/Rolo Candy Treats - Christmas treats for all the coworkers - thats like 25 people folks - Tuesday the 21st
  • Some kind of munchies (TBD) -for Christmas eve w/ my family - Friday the 24th
  • Mexican food (TBD) - for Christmas eve w/ Damon's mom and family - Friday the 24th
  • Christmas Day food (list TBD) - food required for both get togethers - my side and his side.
And thats just what I have so far.  That's so overwhelming to type out then read.  Eeps.  I can do it!! *sound the Rocky song**

I really would also like to make some holiday cupcakes - maybe those can be for Christmas Eves with the families.

**If I have leftovers of Christmas treats (which I'm sure I will) and you would like me to send you a small sampler, send me an email with your info - **  PS must be United States address!

Everyone needs to be able to enjoy the yumminess of the Christmas season!

Cheers to tons and tons of FOOD!

Project 365

Week 3 of Project 365 is behind me now and I'm toting right along with taking my daily snapshots about the goings of our lives.

12/365 Sunsets on the way home from work have been absolutely beautiful the last couple of weeks.  They have been a good distraction from all the horrible drivers out there.

13/365 For the last couple of weeks, well since Sons of Anarchy finished up, not a whole lot has been on Tuesday nights.  The solution?? Guitar Hero!

14/365 Its beginning to feel ALOT like FedEx Kinko's in my office.  Shipping holiday wishes to those all over the world.

15/365  Poor Baby Cat can not resist the tree.  We have actually caught her IN the tree.

16/365  Only in the South, can you find cups of SWEET tea this BIG!! The stuffed potatoes here are amazing too!

17/365 The beautiful jewely the wonderful Mister bought me for our anniversary..  What did I get him you ask?  Cabella's Big Game Hunter   Dangerous Hunts  for PS3.  Yea we've been hunting all weekend. :)

18/365 We had Damon's dad and Becky (his dad's girlfriend) over for yummy food, hunting on the PS3 and hanging out Sunday afternoon.

What all did you get accomplished or do last week?

Friday, December 10, 2010

“Kindness is like snow - it beautifies everything it covers”

-author unknown

If we could just get a nice little chill in the air and maybe SOME fluffy snow it would really start to feel like Christmas in Texas! 

Santa are you listening??