Wednesday, December 15, 2010

This is My Tuesday - but on Wednesday


     This week's "This Is My Tuesday" theme is >>> CHRISTMAS

Maybe its me, but every This is My Tuesday post I do, I have an extremely hard time picking just one picture.

This picture was taken while we were driving down Main Street back to our apartment one night. 

The reason I like this photo is because when it starts getting close to Christmas and by close I mean Thanksgiving, I start making the Mister Drive down/near Main Street so I can see if they have started decorating for Christmas yet - they usually have it decorated and ready to go a month before Christmas Day.  Being the Christmas Capital of Texas we dont do decorating in small amounts - Main Street goes all OUT! Parades, lights, music, THE WORKS!  And if anyone knows me, I LOVE CHRISTMAS! Like crazy amount of love for Christmas.

Whenever we are out I try to convince the Mister to take Main Street home just so I can look at the lights and the people - it will turn any bad day into a good one seeing the lights and decorations.

Christmas is supposed to an amazing holiday where there are not any bad days - just celebration with family, friends and those all that you love no matter where you are or what you are doing.  Cheers!



  1. you are so right...Christmas is for celebration :) it's so good to keep that in mind amidst all the craziness! xoxo {av}

  2. seeing the pretty decorated houses. i love Christmas!

  3. CHRISTMAS is pretty much my favorite! I love Christmas trees, and twinkly lights, and Christmas music, and Santa, and sweets, and giving, and mistletoe....hmmmm. I better stop, this list could go on forever! ;)

  4. I really love christmas because of all the pretty lights in the city, spending time with my friends and family, good food etc.

  5. i love all your lists! I could go on forever and ever about Christmas, but you would be reading for a while. Merry Christmas everyone!


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