Monday, December 27, 2010

Project 365

Before I post pictures for Project 365, I want to say, I hope everyone had a SPLENDID Christmas holiday and got everything (or most everything) you asked for and created wonderful memories with loved ones.

26/365 All the goodies I made for work during the Cook-A-Palooza

27/365 One of the many wonderful gifts Damon got me - now I can complete one of my Bucket List items - Beef Bourguignon

28/365 Main Street on Christmas - this is one of my favorite stores to pass - its always decorated for the season

29/365 Lately, Dexter loves hiding in the washing machine.  Children I tell you.

30/365 Packing up all the goodies to travel to all our families' houses.

31/365 Emilee was definitely treated well this Christmas. 

32/365  Amanda and Garrett gave me a gift card to Macy's.  New plates! Yay!  Thanks Guys!

What did y'all get for Christmas??

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  1. Lots of camera things! Looks like you racked up this holiday! This Project 365 thing looks like fun!


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