Tuesday, December 28, 2010

the grand reopening and the great mind behind it


Welcome! Come one, Come All!   As you can see its quite different around When A Girl Met A Boy, but I promise it stills offers all the wonderful yumminess from days of old.

MANY THANKS to Lindsay at Scenic Glory and her amazing design skills, WAGMAB's new look became possible.   She is an absolute wonderful creator of all things artistic and beautiful. She also knows how to turn a few words of blogger wants into blogger reality.  Everything about this blog design was created by Lindsay.  

Lindsay does it all when it comes to blog design: buttons, backgrounds, headers, grab me buttons.  You name it shes capable.  Stop on by and check her out sometime and send some mad love to this awesome lady (here) - links to her blog space are located on both sidebars for your convenience as well. 

If you prefer to email her for more information regarding pricing, options, etc, send me a quick email for information on how to get in touch with her.. >>>> sugarbearbear@live.com

Again, a humongous world of THANKS to Lindsay, the great mind behind this blog design.


  1. The new blog looks amazing honey. Thank you Lindsay for making her blog design ideas come to life.

  2. this is a great design :) really suits your blog! loveeee it!x

  3. Your blog is cute as a button! Just love it :) I'll pop over for a visit again!

    Xo Mervi


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