Monday, December 6, 2010

Project 365

This past week was the second week of Project 365, but the first week I managed to take a picture every day. Lots and lots of Christmas, but I don't complain - I love Christmas and hope you do too!

5/365 The tree is up, decorated and ready for Christmas to arrive.  This year the "G" was added to the tree to represent our wedding next April.

6/365 It's easy for us to cave and just eat out during the week - always beats having to cook and clean.

7/365  The leaves are finally gathering on walkways, which means Christmas can't be too far away

8/365 Sugar cookies with fun Christmas tree sprinkes baking in the oven

9/365 A quick trip to the grocery to fill up the pantry with yummy eats and treats

10/365  Christmas on Main Street - We are known as the Christmas Capital of Texas for a reason

11/365 Spent the weekend being lazy and wrapping Christmas presents for loved ones - ALMOST done!


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