Tuesday, December 14, 2010

merry christmas... signed the sea...


No one ever promised life would be easy.  And if they did - they lied.  One of my major and by that i mean MAJOR flaws is the gift of patience.  I think when God created me, he gave me alot more of the other fruits - but patience, he was scarce on that day. 

Here lately, I have been struggling alot with patience. And without patience comes frustration..  Patience with work, patience with planning the wedding, patience with the holidays, patience with our cats, patience with my life; the list goes on.  I wish there was an OTC pill that could remedy this, but there isn't.  Its learned - all of it.   Just stopping and taking a deep breath goes a long way, but the world today seems to not have time for that.  We just go and go and go, and never step back and just breathe.. 

It takes a toll...

If it weren't for the mister and my mother, my life would be a constant crazy battlefield - me versus everything else. The mister keeps me in line - doesn't let me go too far over board on the bad days.  The mother - she always reassures me everything will be okay and work out.  The mister always knows how to turn my frown upside down.  They both know without words when something isn't okay.  Thank you both for knowing me so well. I love you, Damon! I love you, Mom!

I hope this post makes a way for today, tomorrow, the future. For me, for everyone..  A daily reminder to breathe - everything will be ok.. We will get through this - it will get worked out. 

Cheers to just stopping and breathing..


  1. OH WOW! I really needed this today :) Thanks and it will get better!!

  2. fantastic post--and such a wonderful {and needed} reminder! I'd take a patience pill if it were available too ;) honestly, having support like you do makes all the difference! you will get through this :) everything does get worked out! xoxo {av}

  3. Just came upon your blog. thanks so much for this message. patience isn't really one of my qualities either. you have an awesome blog here! lovin' your header! super cute!

  4. I struggle with patience as well. The sad part is that I have less patience with my wonderful husband and family than I do with strangers! One thing that helps me is to just laugh. At everything. How can you be upset if you are laughing? I hope this helps!


  5. yes, yes, yes! cheers to taking time to focus on what's important, de-stress and gain some patience. this so something i struggle with as well...i am impatient about both the little and big things in life. your post was a much-needed reminder today. thank you:)


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