Tuesday, December 14, 2010

i never said i was normal

I try to post everyday during the week (except weekends, unless I'm near a computer somewhere since we dont have one at home.)  This morning I was totally befuddled on what to blog about so I started thinking.  Thinking sometimes gets me alot further than where I need to be, but I decided it was time to really share some "facts" about me.  I've had this blog for a few years, but only recently did I really get into the HEART of blogging, yet I haven't really shared much about myself and my life since that wonderful day back in 1984. So here goes.... 

1. i heart the color pink! 
2. my favorite movies are the girly, laugh, cry, laugh some more, use a whole box of kleenx type.
3. i hate being home alone especially when its dark out.. too many criminal mind episodes.
4. before the mister i was unorganized - thanks to him OCD taketh over my life somedays.
5. i believe in God and all that's up there - but i don't care too much for the church.
6. antique shopping is something i will never pass down.

7. i love snail mail, even though i'm horrible about getting around to sending it to people. 
8. i'm an old soul, stuck in a young body.
9. the apple really doesn't fall from the tree - ask my parents. 
10. i'm left handed.
11. i played viola for a few years in elementary school, sang in the school choir some in junior high.  now i just play guitar hero and sing loudly and out of tune.

12. i choose busy, busy rather than being bored out of my mind.
13. i went to A&M in Corpus Christi for a few years and totally hated it.
14. i wish i would have gone to culinary/pastry school instead.
15. for once in my life, my hair is long.  like super, shock people who know me well long.
16. i'm a tv junkie.. like hardcore.  i can watch my favorites over again and never get bored.
17.  i love new york city..sometimes too much..
18. i can say i dont have friends.. i have family...
19. i feel naked without putting on my eyebrows and mascara every morning..
20. i'm terrified of needles, but pnemonia and bronchitis helped me get over them some.
21. i have never ridden a horse and i live in Texas.
22. i would love to learn how to knit and crochet correctly.
23. i drive bruce... he's my honda civic.
24. i love flamingos!
25. i worked in mexico for two summers... i will never go back.
26. i met the man of my dreams on match.com
27. we are getting married april 30, 2011.
28. i hated math in school, was terribly at it.  now i do reports with numbers as part of my job.
29. i have never been admitted to a hospital.
30. thunderstorms freak me out..
31. i'm a rough sleeper.
32. i have always wanted to visit australia and greece.
33. diet coke.  :)
34. i grew up only having one grandfather. 
35. i would love to eat at Paula Deen's resturant.
36. i always wanted to go on double dare as a child.
37. i would like to take a ride across the country on a train.
38. i get motion sickness when riding in the back seat for long periods of time.
39. i would not repeat high school.
40. i want to visit the smithsonian
41. people who know me say i talk to much.
42. i couldnt be a hunter...killing animals just isnt in me.
43. when i buy meat at the grocery store - i feel better if i tell myself they grow it there and nothing had to die for me to have food..
44. standard poodles are my favorite kind of dog.
45. my favorite movie is Steel Magnolias..
46. i'm lactose intolerant.
47. i would love to adopt a child some day.
48. i have worked in a soup kitchen. i loved it.

49. i'm guilty of holding grudges.
50. i'm addicted to febreeze 

Cheers to 26 years of AWESOMENESS!


  1. This is so fun! I would love to eat at Paula Deens resturant, but she deep fries everything!!!

  2. AHHH!!! this is my favorite post of yours...i love random facts. i did a similar post way back when and i think it is so fun to reflect on some randomness :)

    so a few things...i get motion sickness too (don't you just hate that!) it's so inconvenient.

    also, i like your reference to the animals. i'm a vegetarian and can completely understand your thoughts on some of the things you said :)


  3. super cute post and love reading your list! it's always so awesome getting to know more about peoples tastes and lives. how random is #50?! febreeze rules! ♥

  4. i'm with you on #7 and #39!

    great post! xoxo {av}

  5. Haha I love criminal minds!! I usually don't watch it by myself after about 10pm though lol


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