Wednesday, December 1, 2010

"ever thine. ever mine. ever ours."

-Ludwig van Beethoven

It really is as simple as that.

Damon and I took our engagement photos over a month ago and I am now finally getting them out there for the world to see.  Procrasinate much?  YES I DO!  We decided to buy the copyrights to these photos, since our families have families who have families - its just easier that way.  So please, I'm begging you, if you decided to use our photos for whatever may tickle your little fancy, please ask/give kudos, its only right. :)

Thank you to the ever so wonderful Knight Photography.  They are also handling the bridal session and day of the wedding.. I can't wait for those pictures either!


  1. these are fantastic!!! i love engagement photos :) matthew and i had such a great time getting ours done.

    i can't wait to see your wedding photos!!! those will be priceless


    ps thank you for your book suggestion...i will need to make a trip to barnes and noble to check it out :)

  2. Honey you are so beautiful. I love you so much. The blog is looking awesome keep it up.

  3. These are beautiful Bethani - I love them! I can tell you're so proud of them!


    ps: you're right, birds don't eat cupcakes ;)

    pps: I'll send some snow your way, we've got a bit too much and we're beginning to get cabin fever!

  4. lovely photos, you both look so happy :)


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