Thursday, December 30, 2010

remember me, sweet bravery..

This blog is going to take a little turn today from the normal genre of posts.  Its not about about things we wish we had, what we're doing this weekend, what awesome picture we took last night or even what awesome wedding item I found. This post today is dedicated to someone that I remember seeing at the YMCA when I was in fifth grade and throughout the halls until I graduated with her sister.  This is to remember Jillian. 

I remember Jillian just like I remember her sister.  A girly girl.  On the cheerleading squad for as long as I could remember us having one.  Everyone knowing her name and everyone enjoying her beautiful gorgeous smile.  What I didn't know, was that she wanted to be a police officer and had always wanted to be.  And with time, she achieved her goal.  Graduated from the police academy and finally got to be a solo officer with her own beat. 

Sadly, life was cut short for Jillian on Tuesday, doing what her heart always wanted to do.  Saving lives and helping others, in particularly the child's life she saved when  Jillian lost her's.   She had only been patroling solo for 15 days.  There are so many questions that people are wanting answers to, but with time, hopefully all of them can be answered.

I feel extreme hurt for her family and those close to her, including the police department.  I know her family is going through one of the toughest times of their lives.  But if her family is anything like I know back in school, they will make it through.  They have an amazing bond with one another.  And with that, they will make it through.  I know she is in Heaven, watching down, smiling.  She truly is an angel for the sacrafice she made.

May God bless and comfort her family and loved ones in this time of sorrow.  

RIP Jillian Michelle Smith.  We love you and will miss you dearly, but see you again one day.  

**photos courtesy of weheartit

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  1. this is a very heart felt post and thank you for sharing it with us! i think jillian sounds like an amazing human being. and to know that she lost her life doing what she loved to do does not make it easier, but at least you know she was happy.


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