Monday, December 20, 2010

Project 365

This week's Project 365 begins with the starting of all our Christmas parties, get togethers, etc, so you might be a bit Christmases out by the end of this.

 19/365 Our stuff from Soap Addict arrived Monday - that box smelt sooooooo amazing! 

20/365 My office received this 5lb. Hersey's bar from one of our carriers.  Can you believe this bar holds 12,000 calories - nothing like a guilt trip.

21/365 The Mister got me a pair of jeans from American Eagle for Christmas but told me I could have them when they arrived.. Lucky for me they came early :)

22/365  I thought maybe our "Let it Snow" rug would bring Texas a little luck.

23/365  From part of the Cook-a-palooza, the Cherry Danish for Damon's dad's Christmas get together.

24/365  Saturday we went to Sundance to see Santa Claus (aka my uncle.)  Too bad we were ONE minute late and the Santa Claus nazis (his bodyguards) wouldnt let us near him.

25/365 The Mister and I decided to do Christmas with the neice and nephew on Sunday - that way we wouldnt have to haul so much on Christmas day... 

I hope everyone had an amazing week last week - only 5 days until Christmas!


  1. Wow sounds like you guys are having a lot of fun. Happy Holidays!

  2. i'm soooo glad you joined in the photo swap dear! your pic was amazing, seriously!

    and love your blog.. the bright colors and perky spirit makes me happy :)


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