Thursday, December 9, 2010

dear santa..

gotta love

Have you made out your Christmas list this year?? 

Only 16 days 'til Christmas and COUNTING! 
What are you wishing to receive from the Jolly St. Nick??


  1. i seriously need to make a list...and i seriously love we heart it...they are the source for so many of my images :) this mailbox is the most fun thing ever!!


  2. super cute post lades! oh man, only 16 days left....i'm sciiiiired. gotta hit the bricks and do some shopping asap ; )

    thank you for your comment, glad to be directed over here! okay and your button that Lindsay designed is awesome...she really is the BEST! oh hai up the Lindz ♥

  3. what a sweet lovely blog you have!! i enjoyed reading through it this evening!

  4. Um, I love the picture!
    And for some reason, I cannot really think of anything I want for my Christmas list this year. This never happened before!


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