Monday, December 13, 2010

Things That Make Me Terribly Happy - Christmas Edition


Sticking with the true spirit of things - it is time for Things That Make Me Terribly Happy - Christmas Edition

  1. Holiday Music all Month on 103.7 Lite FM
  2. Febreeze Holiday Scents
  3. Not having to count calories
  4. Christmas lights EVERYWHERE
  5. Hot Chocolate w/ LOTS and LOTS of Marshmellows
  6. Snuggling with the Mister
  7. Christmas movies - New and Old  (What's Your Favorite?)
  8. Wrapping Paper and Bows - I particularly like her paper this year
  9. Bundling up with Pea Coats, Scarves, Mittens and Boots
  10. SNOW! We may rarely get it here - but I love seeing photos of others snow adventures when we don't see any.

What are TEN of your ABSOLUTEFAVORITE things about Christmas??


  1. oh yay! Thanks for blogging about my wrapping paper :)

    oh my gosh I didn't know Febreeze had Holiday scents.. that's awesome!

  2. are you kidding me with the cuteness of your blog!

  3. hahaha not having to count calories, wow that is way up on my list too!

  4. Yummie, hot chocolates. One of my favorite parts of winter!


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