Monday, December 13, 2010

Project 365

Week 3 of Project 365 is behind me now and I'm toting right along with taking my daily snapshots about the goings of our lives.

12/365 Sunsets on the way home from work have been absolutely beautiful the last couple of weeks.  They have been a good distraction from all the horrible drivers out there.

13/365 For the last couple of weeks, well since Sons of Anarchy finished up, not a whole lot has been on Tuesday nights.  The solution?? Guitar Hero!

14/365 Its beginning to feel ALOT like FedEx Kinko's in my office.  Shipping holiday wishes to those all over the world.

15/365  Poor Baby Cat can not resist the tree.  We have actually caught her IN the tree.

16/365  Only in the South, can you find cups of SWEET tea this BIG!! The stuffed potatoes here are amazing too!

17/365 The beautiful jewely the wonderful Mister bought me for our anniversary..  What did I get him you ask?  Cabella's Big Game Hunter   Dangerous Hunts  for PS3.  Yea we've been hunting all weekend. :)

18/365 We had Damon's dad and Becky (his dad's girlfriend) over for yummy food, hunting on the PS3 and hanging out Sunday afternoon.

What all did you get accomplished or do last week?

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  1. that sunset is breath taking and all of these other images are so fun! i love that you are taking a picture a day how fun!!

    i think i'm going to do something like this starting in 2011 :) i heart pictures!!!!


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