Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Cheers, Bethani! ETSY Button


Hi friends!!   So I managed to create my very own little button to link you over to my ETSY store, Cheers, Bethani!

Feel free to grab it & share it with those you know.  I will be forever grateful!


Monday, March 14, 2011

cheers, bethani - the blog

i know, i know.. two blogs you ask??  I decided to hop over and start a second blog so I can snag, the Cheers, Bethani domain - well hopefully soon it will be www {dot} cheersbethani {dot} {com, net or something totally cool!}.    I can't wait!

I'm also hoping to save enough funds (outside of the wedding, theres not alot left!) to get a ETSY layout going.   Right now its the same layout as my regular blog, but hopefully with wishful success and a little luck on my side, I can afford all the ETSY layout pretties soon.

I really want my ETSY store to be a success.  Its something of my own little baby, so nobody really wants anything better for their baby than success right?

It will follow my ETSY store - new items, sales, feature people I find, things I love, etc.  All about ETSY basically.  And maybe a few little tiffs here and here from ETSY gone awry. 

So hop on over to Cheers, Bethani! and say hi!


i miss you..but should i?


Dearest blog,

I do miss you alot lately.  It was a good way to release my thoughts and feelings about life.  You were also a good way to show the world what's happening in my life.  I somewhat feel as though I should make a comeback, but of a different kind..  Maybe not so much of the inspiration and randomness, and more of things with meaning and thought.  Maybe just all things ETSY related, happenings in mine and the misters lives (including fun family and friend moments) and things of how I'm feeling.  And leave it at that.  Have a few giveaways sponsored by those close to the ♥, and possibly giveaway a few items myself.  Should I blog?

It is such a hard choice to make, as I do want to come back, I really do.  You're my outlet.  My source of advertisement for Cheers, Bethani.  A way to connect with people, close and far. 

But should I really blog?  I feel the heart strings tugging towards a comeback.  They are tugging away..  But theres a slight bit of resistance. 

I'm going to try for a time and see how things go.  No more popularity contest, it is what it is.  No more guilt trips, it is what it is.  No more frustration with words.  IT IS WHAT IT IS!

I'm back friends! Better now and ready for wedding fun, ETSY success and loads of moments with those I love!


Wednesday, March 9, 2011

its that time again - spring time!

Hi my loyal readers!

Things have been crazy since I blogged last with the countdown to the wedding getting closer.

But this post is quick - in honor of the springing ahead an hour this week - yea I said it, we are losing an hour of sleep this weekend, my ETSY shoppe, Cheers, Bethani!, will be offering 15% off any item.  Use coupon code: "SPRING"  so tell your friends, tell your family, tell your dogs and cats even.

I also am looking into maybe doing some paper goods in the ETSY shoppe as well such as gift tags, thank you tags, etc.  Thoughts??

I miss you all my friends and hope my mind will be decided soon as whether or not to return as a regular blogger or not.

Cheers from Texas!,