Monday, March 14, 2011

i miss you..but should i?


Dearest blog,

I do miss you alot lately.  It was a good way to release my thoughts and feelings about life.  You were also a good way to show the world what's happening in my life.  I somewhat feel as though I should make a comeback, but of a different kind..  Maybe not so much of the inspiration and randomness, and more of things with meaning and thought.  Maybe just all things ETSY related, happenings in mine and the misters lives (including fun family and friend moments) and things of how I'm feeling.  And leave it at that.  Have a few giveaways sponsored by those close to the ♥, and possibly giveaway a few items myself.  Should I blog?

It is such a hard choice to make, as I do want to come back, I really do.  You're my outlet.  My source of advertisement for Cheers, Bethani.  A way to connect with people, close and far. 

But should I really blog?  I feel the heart strings tugging towards a comeback.  They are tugging away..  But theres a slight bit of resistance. 

I'm going to try for a time and see how things go.  No more popularity contest, it is what it is.  No more guilt trips, it is what it is.  No more frustration with words.  IT IS WHAT IT IS!

I'm back friends! Better now and ready for wedding fun, ETSY success and loads of moments with those I love!



  1. I love this post! I write about weddings too and every thing romantic. Some days you feel discouraged if you aren't really sure that people are reading and liking your ideas. Then all of a sudden you receive a compliment that makes all of the time and work worth it!

    Keep blogging and I look forward to reading :)


  2. YAY!!! Welcome back lady!!! You have been dearly missed! :) Excited for the "new"!!

  3. I think you should just blog about what you feel like blogging about and not worry about it.... life is short... do what YOU want and then you're always happy!


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