Wednesday, April 29, 2009

peek out your head from those clouds

I dont quite understand the whole frenzy surrounded around this whole swine flu "epidemic." from what i have read and gathered, its just the flu. meh maybe I'm just cynial and dont care, but I really think the media is taking this to a level that it doesnt need to be taken too. of course there are going to be major outbreaks of it in mexico; the sanitation there is terrible. so all else I have to say it wash your hands folks, and I think you'll be fine. oh and dont eat any pork.. (hahah I actually read that people are worried that they will get it from eating pork..hahahaha funny funny good one)

The gloominess in the sky is starting to depress me, I need some sunshine and vitamin D. So show off yourself and come out already..

My lovely treo bit the dust the other day :( so I am back to my little free nokia I got when I signed up for AT&T. I've thought about using my insurance and the 50 bucks to get a new one, but I'm afraid of what "comparable" crap they will send me. I just want a IPhone already. or an Instinct (but thats only with Sprint and it would have to be chrome, not that nasty copper color)

Other news, the foundation is complete on the house and now it must cure for the 10 days before the frame is started.. Thats really when the excitement will begin, bc at that point you have an actual house to begin walking through. I can't wait and neither can Damon. I still think I'm more excited than he is.

Man I have a hankerin'

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

shake it off and take a stand

so i've posted before about my weight loss trials and trepidations. its been a tough road.. after i moved back from CC i had a really hard time because I had gained alot of additional weight while I lived down there, and my weight continued to fluctuate after moving home until Janaury 2008. I kept telling myself that i had to do something, because it was getting disheartening when I would go clothes shopping or even ponder putting on a swim suit or having to change clothes in a locker room..

my whole public school experience was not exciting for me. i was the odd shaped kid.. i had freckles, frizzy hair, and didnt have the image or body of a girl until i got to high school and by that point i didnt care anymore. i heard all the jokes, whispers, everything from everyone it seemed like.. i was also the butt of many bets during my junior and senior year of high school, but i refused to let them win at their little games.

January 2008 I got serious. I wasn't going to let my life continue to be something I didnt want it to be. I made a plan and have stuck to it (well mostly) since then, exercising, eating right and trying to love myself for the way God made me. I've lost about 50lbs since then and am finally getting to the point of self acceptance. I still battle with the skin tone thing. I can't tan to save my life, and for once it would be awesome to wear a pair of shorts and not worry about someone making a comment about how white I am.. it just doesnt happen for some people.

recently I have fallen off the exercise/eating right wagon, because of the house and job stress. next week thats all changing. I'm getting back out there.. I'm going to continue what I started....

I am determined to finish the battle with my inner stubborn self.. I WILL WIN!!

one day early... i wish i knew yesterday!

the foundation to the house was poured yesterday, one day ahead of schedule..

damon texted me this morning letting me know and I can't wait to go out and take more photos and measure to make sure he's getting his money's worth.


Monday, April 20, 2009

bookmark this under "getting back to old habits"

its lovely. the weather is supposed to be more than gorgeous this week. hopefully it stays true to its word.

the house is prepped, inspected and ready to go to have the foundation poured on Wednesday.

how quickly everything is moving even with the recent rain.

We did make a trip to Half Price this weekend and we both picked up a few good books to keep the mind young. He's always been a big reader, as have I, but I have fallen off the boat since school. I need to change that and get back to my reading habits. I'm aiming to read all of the James Patterson's Women's Murder Club books. Right now I've got 1st To Die in my possession but currently working on The Bone Collector (so far so good.)

At the mall yesterday, Damon asked if I had any interest in looking at rings (i think it was to scare the poo out of me.) Thats one of the last things on my mind, even though every girl loves jewelry, diamonds and anything that yells beautiful! I just like to keep that to myself until the house is finished and we are settled. I'm stressed out enough right now as it is. I did manage to buy some placemats from BB&Beyond while we were out.. I've decided a neutral plate and then changing out placemats with the seasons.. Its just easier that way..

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

filling in, but leaving out

so i've been rambling on and on about this house being built and its come to my attention from several people who read (not many read but most who do read) that I've failed to mention the whereabouts of the future abode.

Its in Keller of 377 (so like north Keller.) It's popping up like hotcakes out there but its really nice and still holds alot of the country feel in the area but enough city that its not totally overwhelming like Arlington has grown to be. Im just thrilled not to see huge sporting complexes and supermalls (even though I have an extreme love to go to them.) I just hate traffic and Keller is currently and hopefully stays traffic friendly for a long while to come.

Last night was dinner with his parents (mom and step-dad). Its the traditional Monday night fajitas and taquito dinner. Ricky informed me some of the pipework had been laid yesterday, so of course I wanted to go investigate and snoop ASAP, so Damon and I headed out there after dinner. (its only like a 10-15 minute drive from Gvine.) Of course by the time we got out there it was dark, so I wasn't able to get any good pictures from the truck, so hopefully when I get back out there it will still be daylight enough to snap some good photos for the good ol memory book I'm going to make.

Otherwise, life is ok. Its ubber stressful, but its working out, one step at a time.

Monday, April 13, 2009

the forms have been laid..

it finally has started and so I'm offically more than excited about this. nerves are getting the best of me, and i still have a million more days until move. oy vey!

us. yea, im a tard.

from our side yard / outside the kitchen

from the driveway

from the media room

front yard.

93 days from today until approx. closing day
or 3 months, 2 days
or 8,035,200 seconds
or 133,920 minutes
or 2232 hours
or 13 weeks (rounded down)


i have so much to say and dont at the same time..

no idea where to begin.

Thursday, April 9, 2009


From their mouth:

The “Sex and the City” movie sequel just got its release date (May 2010), but that doesn’t mean it’s too soon for plot details to begin leaking.

Among them, a non-shocker: Big might cheat on Carrie.

“Their marriage is going to face lots of challenges,” a SATC insider told Life & Style. “Big will be tempted by a younger colleague. It’s a juicy role for whoever they wind up casting.”

The flaw in the plan is that as of April 6, Chris Noth, who plays Big, still hadn’t signed on for the film.

And, the women of SATC might not be recession-proof, according to the source.

“The proposed story line for Samantha will be her having to downsize her big-spending life after some of her investments get wiped out,” the insider reveals. “You will see her having to survive on a more modest budget but still staying true to her fabulous taste.”

From my mouth:

Thats it? All the juiciness I get? I need more on Miranda. And Charlotte.

and if Big cheats on Carrie.. OMG! That just can't happen. I WILL NOT ALLOW IT!

kitchen color choices

so with the building of a house, everything has to be decided from the ground up and since the paperwork was signed I have been running all the color options through my head trying to figure out what I want where. Its been narrowed down to greens, blues and browns (darks) to keep its like a neutral /calming look, plus i hate orange and yellow and he hates red. and purple is just not going to happen.

the kitchen has been a tossup on color. I really love the idea of a a green wall in the kitchen and with either green or brown plates (more than likely brown with just placements to coordinate with the seasons. so I found this picture that had the similar cabinet stain color we will have with a green wall.. any thoughts?? I really had thought about even a brighter limeier green color but I'm afraid that will be TOOOO bright with all the natural light the kitchen will have coming in. So probably will stick to something like this below...
ya like?

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Friday, April 3, 2009

totally random... totally awesome..

only if it was spelt incorrectly :(

it sounds so sweet..

so i had been out sick from work with a major cold the last couple of days until we discovered zicam that you rub in your nose with a q-tip. it is absolutely amazing and i dont know how i have survived the cold season without it.

once i finally felt better (like 100 times better), I got a major burst of energy (probably from all the sleeping i had done,) I got a hankering to make cupcakes..

chocolate with vanilla buttercream frosting..sprinkled with cocoa and sugar crystals!


they turned out absolutely great and wonderful tasting!