Wednesday, April 29, 2009

peek out your head from those clouds

I dont quite understand the whole frenzy surrounded around this whole swine flu "epidemic." from what i have read and gathered, its just the flu. meh maybe I'm just cynial and dont care, but I really think the media is taking this to a level that it doesnt need to be taken too. of course there are going to be major outbreaks of it in mexico; the sanitation there is terrible. so all else I have to say it wash your hands folks, and I think you'll be fine. oh and dont eat any pork.. (hahah I actually read that people are worried that they will get it from eating pork..hahahaha funny funny good one)

The gloominess in the sky is starting to depress me, I need some sunshine and vitamin D. So show off yourself and come out already..

My lovely treo bit the dust the other day :( so I am back to my little free nokia I got when I signed up for AT&T. I've thought about using my insurance and the 50 bucks to get a new one, but I'm afraid of what "comparable" crap they will send me. I just want a IPhone already. or an Instinct (but thats only with Sprint and it would have to be chrome, not that nasty copper color)

Other news, the foundation is complete on the house and now it must cure for the 10 days before the frame is started.. Thats really when the excitement will begin, bc at that point you have an actual house to begin walking through. I can't wait and neither can Damon. I still think I'm more excited than he is.

Man I have a hankerin'

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