Monday, April 20, 2009

bookmark this under "getting back to old habits"

its lovely. the weather is supposed to be more than gorgeous this week. hopefully it stays true to its word.

the house is prepped, inspected and ready to go to have the foundation poured on Wednesday.

how quickly everything is moving even with the recent rain.

We did make a trip to Half Price this weekend and we both picked up a few good books to keep the mind young. He's always been a big reader, as have I, but I have fallen off the boat since school. I need to change that and get back to my reading habits. I'm aiming to read all of the James Patterson's Women's Murder Club books. Right now I've got 1st To Die in my possession but currently working on The Bone Collector (so far so good.)

At the mall yesterday, Damon asked if I had any interest in looking at rings (i think it was to scare the poo out of me.) Thats one of the last things on my mind, even though every girl loves jewelry, diamonds and anything that yells beautiful! I just like to keep that to myself until the house is finished and we are settled. I'm stressed out enough right now as it is. I did manage to buy some placemats from BB&Beyond while we were out.. I've decided a neutral plate and then changing out placemats with the seasons.. Its just easier that way..

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