Thursday, April 9, 2009

kitchen color choices

so with the building of a house, everything has to be decided from the ground up and since the paperwork was signed I have been running all the color options through my head trying to figure out what I want where. Its been narrowed down to greens, blues and browns (darks) to keep its like a neutral /calming look, plus i hate orange and yellow and he hates red. and purple is just not going to happen.

the kitchen has been a tossup on color. I really love the idea of a a green wall in the kitchen and with either green or brown plates (more than likely brown with just placements to coordinate with the seasons. so I found this picture that had the similar cabinet stain color we will have with a green wall.. any thoughts?? I really had thought about even a brighter limeier green color but I'm afraid that will be TOOOO bright with all the natural light the kitchen will have coming in. So probably will stick to something like this below...
ya like?

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