Monday, June 25, 2012

dreams of pumpkins and scarecrows are dancing in my head

okay, so i'm not exactly wishing my time away, but i terribly miss the autumn months & hope they would get here soon.  to smell apple cider & cinammon sticks and just all those fall smells.  oh i would give anything.

summertime in texas is quite miserable.  and the fact that i despise swimsuits makes enjoying summer that much harder.  along with the whole being pregnant and nauseous thing.

so hurry about autumn. your best friend and biggest fan misses you.

other news. husband and i had our first pregnancy appointment last wednesday. and man do i know my body. i was perfectly in tune with how far along i was.  go me! even though i was slightly disappointed that i wasnt further along. i mean how much morning sickness should pregnant women have to deal with.

baby is looking good. and we are on target for a february 5th arrival of baby g. long ways away, but thats more time for nesting & prepping.

and the whole being pregnant is glamorous & so wonderful idea? yeah i dont think so.  there has not been a single day where i have woken up and thought, "yay this is awesome!" is that bad?? i know it will change.  but the nausea and vomitting and bloating feeling just makes "awesome" really hard to achieve.  maybe in a couple of weeks someone will have mercy on me and all the bad feelings will disappear.

Friday, June 22, 2012

snail mail social - july

happy friday friends!!!
its time for the sign up for snail mail social - july!!!!
packages are out for june and should start beginning to arrive at your doorsteps if they havent done so already...

last month, we had TEN ladies join in on the fun and hopefully this month we have a ton more. our first link up party will be july 2, showcasing what everyone received from their sender. 

participating is simple!!

guidelines would be simple:
-each person is given the name and address of their receiver.
-once signed up, you are committed for that month to ensure your receiver gets something and isnt left hanging.
-each "package" would a be letter/card and a small trinket or two for your receiver to enjoy.
-no exuberant money to be spent. five to ten dollars for the package. a little goes a long way.
-no commitment required. you do not have to participant each month. you can quit at any time
-each month you receive the name and address of someone new to keep things fun and fair. if you get the same person twice & would like someone new, let me know asap so we can try to switch you with someone else.
-you must have your package out by the 15th of every month to ensure the receiver gets their package before months end.

i will then do a link up party, featuring the posts of what everyone received.

if you would like to participate, please send me your name, address, email address & blog address - cheersbethani {at} live {dot} com

participation is open to all readers, domestically and internationally.

deadline to participate for june is wednesday june 27. 
your receivers information will be sent to you on july 2.
deadline to send package will be july 15.
link up party featuring what everyone received for june will be august 3.
then august will begin.

i would love for you to tell your friends, share on your blog, etc. the bigger the better you know?


any questions let me know.

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

is it bedtime yet?

i'm sure you're looking at the title then this picture of old books and scratching your head.  but theres good reason i used this picture.  i feel like these books.  completely worn out!

all those pregnancy symptoms you hear your mom, friends, books talking about that arent so glorious? well i'm pretty sure i've been through them since i found out i was pregnant. 

nausea from the time i get up until i fall asleep. vomiting if my meal is too large, too sweet, too anything it seems. well i can eat apples, saltines, some veggies, chips and cheeseburgers.  oh and some mexican food. burritos are totally out of the equation. so is ice cream, oatmeal cookies, sweet drinks, and chicken if i have to smell it first.

bloating is ridiculous.  why do i already feel the need for super stretchy maternity pants and i'm not even showing. argh. and hiccups.  i've never imagined being pregnant would cause hiccups, but yeah i get them at least once a day.

but the symptom i wish the most would go away is the tiresome fatique that just wont subside.  i can sleep all day. not joking.  last night bedtime happened at 8 and thats only because husband said 8 was a reasonable time.  otherwise i would have fallen asleep as soon as i hit the front door.  and i cant keep my energy level up for anything. but no caffiene isnt really helping either.

so dear child, hopefully its just child singular, please oh please, give me my energy back. or my normal feeling stomach. take your pick. i just need one please. sore boobs and back i can handle.

Thursday, June 7, 2012

little notes #9


dear john mclaughlin,
so you're the genius behind the great and powerful drink known as ginger ale.  i dont know how i made it the last three - four days without you.  i dont think you have been thanked enough for this ingenius creation that soothes the tummy but tastes wonderfully as well.

dear husband,
what would i do without you?  stopping last night to get me queso, oreos and other unhealthy snacks, because thats what tastes good right now, was a super hero moment if you ask me. you are simply the best. not to mention the fact you have already offered to rub my feet & anything else i need when i'm feeling like dog poop on the bottom of someone's shoe.

dear laying down,
is there really a way to write a verb? i'm not sure, but i'll be the first to do so. laying down is the simplest and greatest comfort right now, besides the ginger ale. and oreos. and queso. and crackers.  only problem? when i lay down, its really hard having to get up. its just so comfy down there.

dear baby g,
i hope your comfy in there.  and growing nicely.  we don't really have a preference what you are as long as you're healthy. and happy. grow grow grow is all i can say. well that and i would really love it if its just one of you. too many people are throwing the voodoo magic down of two, and i think i would cry for a long time if it was. twos great and all, but i think my sanity can only handle one.

oh yeah, please for the sake of all things, please stop making vegetables taste like pesticides.  you need your nourishment. i know all the above mentioned snacks are quite tasty, but you need to eat your veggies too.

love already,
& your mommy

Wednesday, June 6, 2012

i've got a secret

its one of those secrets that you want to shout from the rooftops, because you're super excited and want everyone to know. but its also one of those secrets that you're afraid to share with everyone (& their mothers) because you dont want to jinx anything.  but i couldnt resist.

 did you guess correct?!
i dont have a picture of my actual test, but i was beyond sick that day for photos.
and it hasnt been very cute since.

update posts will be a million times more exciting (or hope so anyway) but just figured i would get it out there now.

i have a doctors appt the 20th and have been anxiously counting down the days.
baby g is on their way! 6 weeks strong (or so we guess!)

Monday, June 4, 2012



it was a weekend full of napping.
puppy didnt let us sleep at all last week,
so the weekend is perfect time for catching up & being lazy.

oh and i may have watched this christmas favorite.


it is one of the best after all.

hope everyone had a great weekend!