Thursday, June 7, 2012

little notes #9


dear john mclaughlin,
so you're the genius behind the great and powerful drink known as ginger ale.  i dont know how i made it the last three - four days without you.  i dont think you have been thanked enough for this ingenius creation that soothes the tummy but tastes wonderfully as well.

dear husband,
what would i do without you?  stopping last night to get me queso, oreos and other unhealthy snacks, because thats what tastes good right now, was a super hero moment if you ask me. you are simply the best. not to mention the fact you have already offered to rub my feet & anything else i need when i'm feeling like dog poop on the bottom of someone's shoe.

dear laying down,
is there really a way to write a verb? i'm not sure, but i'll be the first to do so. laying down is the simplest and greatest comfort right now, besides the ginger ale. and oreos. and queso. and crackers.  only problem? when i lay down, its really hard having to get up. its just so comfy down there.

dear baby g,
i hope your comfy in there.  and growing nicely.  we don't really have a preference what you are as long as you're healthy. and happy. grow grow grow is all i can say. well that and i would really love it if its just one of you. too many people are throwing the voodoo magic down of two, and i think i would cry for a long time if it was. twos great and all, but i think my sanity can only handle one.

oh yeah, please for the sake of all things, please stop making vegetables taste like pesticides.  you need your nourishment. i know all the above mentioned snacks are quite tasty, but you need to eat your veggies too.

love already,
& your mommy


  1. Dog poo on the bottom of a shoe, eh?! That sounds not happy at all! haha. Sounds like some yummy treats baby's craving though! haha.

  2. Stumbled onto your blog and just wanted to leave you a little blog luv! Def enjoyed this post!! New Follower via email :-)


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