Wednesday, June 13, 2012

is it bedtime yet?

i'm sure you're looking at the title then this picture of old books and scratching your head.  but theres good reason i used this picture.  i feel like these books.  completely worn out!

all those pregnancy symptoms you hear your mom, friends, books talking about that arent so glorious? well i'm pretty sure i've been through them since i found out i was pregnant. 

nausea from the time i get up until i fall asleep. vomiting if my meal is too large, too sweet, too anything it seems. well i can eat apples, saltines, some veggies, chips and cheeseburgers.  oh and some mexican food. burritos are totally out of the equation. so is ice cream, oatmeal cookies, sweet drinks, and chicken if i have to smell it first.

bloating is ridiculous.  why do i already feel the need for super stretchy maternity pants and i'm not even showing. argh. and hiccups.  i've never imagined being pregnant would cause hiccups, but yeah i get them at least once a day.

but the symptom i wish the most would go away is the tiresome fatique that just wont subside.  i can sleep all day. not joking.  last night bedtime happened at 8 and thats only because husband said 8 was a reasonable time.  otherwise i would have fallen asleep as soon as i hit the front door.  and i cant keep my energy level up for anything. but no caffiene isnt really helping either.

so dear child, hopefully its just child singular, please oh please, give me my energy back. or my normal feeling stomach. take your pick. i just need one please. sore boobs and back i can handle.


  1. How funny! My mom always said that the nausea goes away, but the fatigue is what really gets you. Hope your pregnancy improves soon!

  2. OH girl I hear you! The first and third trimester your energy is zapped! But during the second one you get some back! There is light at the end of the tunnel!!

  3. Oh no! Thanks for the fun things to look forward to.... haha


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