Thursday, August 27, 2009

i run for hope. i run to feel. i run for the truth. and all that is real.

it's komen season again and breast cancer awareness month (october for the oblivious) is right around the corner. seriously is it september already?? Since I'm the Captain for our Komen team at work, times of coin collecting, ribbon selling and komen preaching is among my many things to do. Hopefully this year turns out even bigger and better than last year. October 17 will be here soon.

early saturday mornings :)

moose is warming up to camille nicely, so i definetely get to keep her :)

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

it's a girl

this weekend we couldnt resist it any longer.

we adopted her this past weekend from the Rescue Organization, Kool Kats, where Damon got the other two babies from, Moose and Dexter.

They tried that 2 for 1 special thing again, but this time I wouldnt fall for the bait.

Moose is taking longer to warm up to her than Dexter is, but Dexter befriends anything.

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

megan wants a murderer?

i typically read the morning news when i get to work, just to catch up on the world and its going ons. and sometimes the stories that actually make the front page news will be those oddities that are totally worth posting about.

damon and i watch alot of the series on VH1. well he will probably claim i'm the main one who watches and i will take the blame. I find most of them down right amusing and great time fillers if you ask me. especially the bachelor/ette knock-offs they come up with.

right now its about Megan. She didn't make it on Beauty and the Geek. She didn't make it on Rock of Love either. so maybe the third time's a charm thing will work for her? Doubt it. Anyway these guys are hysterical that want to "win her love." They have to be millionaires, well in one case about to be millionaires. He was waiting on a family member to die in his case. The assortment of men is all over. Plumbers, investors, vodka makers, a "pleasure toy" business owner and then you have the Canadian, Ryan. Not sure about what he does, but he did mention he can't work in the United States unless he marries an American, but of course he will not make her sign a pre-nup. Nothing like reeling them in!

So back to my reading the newspaper, now that you know about egotistical, money hungry, Canadian Ryan. He apparently is wanted in the disappearance and murder of a stripper/model in California. SHOCKING! So this obviously lets me know Megan didnt pick him. But seriously are you that pathetic guy? Someone who has that kind of money and that kind of pull in society, offs someone? Pathetic!

the suspect

with my healthy lifestyle back in almost full swing, i have been trying new recipes. and even trying new foods. a co-worker introduced me to Edamame about a month ago, and since then I can't stop eating it. Its a great source of protein and has 100 calories in 1/2 a cup (which makes me full!) they buy theirs from Costco, but I find it to be a waste of money to spend $50 on a membership just to buy Edamame and maybe some frozen chicken. I shopped high and low to find it elsewhere and surprisingly more places carry it than i thought. Walmart is where i got mine.. Sea Point Farms. its Fantastic! I think its better than the brand from Costco..

If you are interested in trying it, its in the frozen food veggie section. I recommend heating them in the microwave in a microwave safe container for about 3 minutes so they are nice and yummy. Then pop out of the pod and enjoy!

the greatest green veggie out there

Monday, August 17, 2009

bakers chocolate and moving boxes

so it was quite the weekend i must say...i feel like i got alot accomplished, which is always something i like being able to say. between helping people move, hanging ceiling fans, cleaning, and grocery shopping i was exhausted by weekend end.

Steve, Grayce's boyfriend bought (well adopted) her a female polydactyl kitten and gave it to her yesterday. She is soooooo cute. They named her Princess Zelda and she has 28 toes! 28! Being about baby kitties just keeps bringing back the thought of us wanting another kitty, but a girl kitty. Damon and I have talked about getting another cat (well kitten) for quite some time so yesterday just made it 10 times worse.

So what did we do?! No we didnt go adopt a cat (even though i wanted to.) I didnt find one I liked or one that REALLY tugged at the heart strings..Well except the one-eyed cat... she was sooooooo sweet. we went and bought the boys new toys... our tower thingy is blue and black though, not those cheesy colors.. They were excited... They played and played and were worn out, actually slept all night, didnt wake me up at the God forsaken 4 am like normal... If you ask me it was money well spent.

I'm gonna have to start taking pictures more, so everyone who reads this can grasp my life and world a little better than you can with just words. Its my new goal.. Or one of many.

This week we've also started the healthier lifestyles, because I was becoming upset with myself and the way I have been eating. So hopefully I can drop those gained and unwanted pounds to get back what I had in December. (bleh)

I also made the chocolate mousse recipe that I got from Food & Family. It was delish! I used 2% milk and light cool whip.... I suggest making sure the cool whip is totally thawed before whipping it into your pudding mixture. Mine was still a little frozen so ours was more pudding than mousse, but I definetely will be making it again.

Tonight is the foil fajita chicken. I cant wait!

Friday, August 14, 2009

Thursday, August 13, 2009

Are you ready for some football?!

tonight i will become a football widow. the first preseason game for the Dallas Cowboys season is tonight against the Oakland Raiders (luckily in Oakland.) For those that dont know, Damon is a diehard Cowboy fan. Eats, breathes, lives football. Cowboy football!

so tonight I will become intiated i guess you could say, whether I am willing or against my will. I'm gonna try to get into football more. For his sake. And my sanity.


Monday, August 10, 2009

stay puff marshmallow man

i've told myself that i have to stop being lazy and get my butt to the gym again.. i can say that i havent been to the gym on regular consistent basis (like 4 days a week) since my grandpa died in January.

and my poor body is starting to look like it. I've got to go back into my healthy ways.

Monday... its gonna happen. It has to!

auf wiedersehen

i absolutely love love love project runway, which used to to air on the Bravo network and had since the start of this magnificent show. apparently there was something happening, so Lifetime picked up the show and the new season starts August 20. I cant wait for all the craziness that the new season has to bring. The only downfall.. No more NYC and Gotham or Mood for that matter. All LA now.. Boo! but atleast we still have time gun.

went to damon's moms yesterday to visit and see how the new floors/unpacking were coming along. Man it looks GREAT! I love the hardwood floors. I'm in love with them actually.

she gave me abunch of kitchen things, and you know me and kitchen things. I was thrilled to get them. also I bummed all her past Food and Family magazines to make copies. I love Food and Family. They have soooo many great recipes and ideas. so with that I told Damon that I am gonna start trying lots of new recipes out.

I cant wait to get started. :)

Thursday, August 6, 2009

Need a prayer? Just call.

I thought I was pretty knowledgeable and culturally diverse when it came to things. And I had thought I had seen my share of oddities and things that you just didnt think existed. Until yesterday. Heading to 114 from work yesterday, I am following behind a lady in a Honda Accord (older model.) We pulled up to the stop light and while waiting for the light to change back to green I glance down and began reading the purple bumper sticker she had on her car.

It was for a prayer hotline. I never in a million years would have thought there were prayer hotlines. 24/7/365 ones for that. Yes I know they have the prayer towers and prayer rooms at churches/cathedrals/mosques/etc where theres 24 hr praying, but yea never a prayer hotline. I was just baffled. Meh. Guess I am a little more diverse now than I was before.

Monday, August 3, 2009

batter batter everywhere and not a drop to eat

so with a little culinary motivation from Damon's stepdad, I got back into the baking spirit and made cupcakes sunday morning.. Chocolate with buttercream frosting. I haven't really baked any sweets (minus the 3 ingredient peanut butter cookies and not what you think wacky cake) since we moved into our new place.

i whipped out my list of cupcake recipes and began on my cooking journey. Damon loves filling up the cupcake liners, so of course i gave up kitchen control and let him fill. I have now learned that with my chocolate cupcakes, you CAN NOT and I repeat CAN NOT fill them per instructions. we followed the instructions first fill around and I now have burnt cupcake all on the bottom of my oven :( so second go around we cut they down to 1/2 full instead of 3/4 and they came out perfect. Typically I can go the 3/4 full route but not with my chocolate ones. now comes the daunting task of cleaning my oven, and if i'm like anyone else, its a much dreaded chore.
once my cupcakes were complete it looked as though my poor cupcakes had been to "hell and back." then I realized they literally had been. but they did taste fantastic. I love my homeade buttercream frosting as does everyone else!

so lets just say my culinary motivation kick up was not a superb one.. but i hope to make some yummy snickerdoodles before the week is out. I can't wait! Thanks Rickey & Yovi!

I'm not really sure why we changed license plates, all i do know is i dont like them. they dont even look Texan!

Saturday we went to my grandma's for a Birthday lunch with her. Happy 74th Birthday Grandma!! Or like you say 72nd, since we are going back in age now.

even though it was a rough day, it was a good day :) I love you <3

BTW, I miss him as much as you do.