Monday, August 17, 2009

bakers chocolate and moving boxes

so it was quite the weekend i must say...i feel like i got alot accomplished, which is always something i like being able to say. between helping people move, hanging ceiling fans, cleaning, and grocery shopping i was exhausted by weekend end.

Steve, Grayce's boyfriend bought (well adopted) her a female polydactyl kitten and gave it to her yesterday. She is soooooo cute. They named her Princess Zelda and she has 28 toes! 28! Being about baby kitties just keeps bringing back the thought of us wanting another kitty, but a girl kitty. Damon and I have talked about getting another cat (well kitten) for quite some time so yesterday just made it 10 times worse.

So what did we do?! No we didnt go adopt a cat (even though i wanted to.) I didnt find one I liked or one that REALLY tugged at the heart strings..Well except the one-eyed cat... she was sooooooo sweet. we went and bought the boys new toys... our tower thingy is blue and black though, not those cheesy colors.. They were excited... They played and played and were worn out, actually slept all night, didnt wake me up at the God forsaken 4 am like normal... If you ask me it was money well spent.

I'm gonna have to start taking pictures more, so everyone who reads this can grasp my life and world a little better than you can with just words. Its my new goal.. Or one of many.

This week we've also started the healthier lifestyles, because I was becoming upset with myself and the way I have been eating. So hopefully I can drop those gained and unwanted pounds to get back what I had in December. (bleh)

I also made the chocolate mousse recipe that I got from Food & Family. It was delish! I used 2% milk and light cool whip.... I suggest making sure the cool whip is totally thawed before whipping it into your pudding mixture. Mine was still a little frozen so ours was more pudding than mousse, but I definetely will be making it again.

Tonight is the foil fajita chicken. I cant wait!

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  1. I would love to see pics of the new place!!!!


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