Monday, August 10, 2009

auf wiedersehen

i absolutely love love love project runway, which used to to air on the Bravo network and had since the start of this magnificent show. apparently there was something happening, so Lifetime picked up the show and the new season starts August 20. I cant wait for all the craziness that the new season has to bring. The only downfall.. No more NYC and Gotham or Mood for that matter. All LA now.. Boo! but atleast we still have time gun.

went to damon's moms yesterday to visit and see how the new floors/unpacking were coming along. Man it looks GREAT! I love the hardwood floors. I'm in love with them actually.

she gave me abunch of kitchen things, and you know me and kitchen things. I was thrilled to get them. also I bummed all her past Food and Family magazines to make copies. I love Food and Family. They have soooo many great recipes and ideas. so with that I told Damon that I am gonna start trying lots of new recipes out.

I cant wait to get started. :)

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