Monday, August 3, 2009

batter batter everywhere and not a drop to eat

so with a little culinary motivation from Damon's stepdad, I got back into the baking spirit and made cupcakes sunday morning.. Chocolate with buttercream frosting. I haven't really baked any sweets (minus the 3 ingredient peanut butter cookies and not what you think wacky cake) since we moved into our new place.

i whipped out my list of cupcake recipes and began on my cooking journey. Damon loves filling up the cupcake liners, so of course i gave up kitchen control and let him fill. I have now learned that with my chocolate cupcakes, you CAN NOT and I repeat CAN NOT fill them per instructions. we followed the instructions first fill around and I now have burnt cupcake all on the bottom of my oven :( so second go around we cut they down to 1/2 full instead of 3/4 and they came out perfect. Typically I can go the 3/4 full route but not with my chocolate ones. now comes the daunting task of cleaning my oven, and if i'm like anyone else, its a much dreaded chore.
once my cupcakes were complete it looked as though my poor cupcakes had been to "hell and back." then I realized they literally had been. but they did taste fantastic. I love my homeade buttercream frosting as does everyone else!

so lets just say my culinary motivation kick up was not a superb one.. but i hope to make some yummy snickerdoodles before the week is out. I can't wait! Thanks Rickey & Yovi!

I'm not really sure why we changed license plates, all i do know is i dont like them. they dont even look Texan!

Saturday we went to my grandma's for a Birthday lunch with her. Happy 74th Birthday Grandma!! Or like you say 72nd, since we are going back in age now.

even though it was a rough day, it was a good day :) I love you <3

BTW, I miss him as much as you do.

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  1. eww they changed them again?! i dont like that. the other ones were so much better! these look cheesy.


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