Monday, March 14, 2011

cheers, bethani - the blog

i know, i know.. two blogs you ask??  I decided to hop over and start a second blog so I can snag, the Cheers, Bethani domain - well hopefully soon it will be www {dot} cheersbethani {dot} {com, net or something totally cool!}.    I can't wait!

I'm also hoping to save enough funds (outside of the wedding, theres not alot left!) to get a ETSY layout going.   Right now its the same layout as my regular blog, but hopefully with wishful success and a little luck on my side, I can afford all the ETSY layout pretties soon.

I really want my ETSY store to be a success.  Its something of my own little baby, so nobody really wants anything better for their baby than success right?

It will follow my ETSY store - new items, sales, feature people I find, things I love, etc.  All about ETSY basically.  And maybe a few little tiffs here and here from ETSY gone awry. 

So hop on over to Cheers, Bethani! and say hi!


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  1. Thank you so much for your kind words on my feature at For the Love of Blogs. It made my day! I am going to go check out your etsy store right now!


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