Tuesday, December 7, 2010

“A bad review is like baking a cake with all the best ingredients and having someone sit on it”

-Danielle Steel

both photos via weheartit.com

It's about that time, that the oven needs to start up and the flour needs to start flying.

It's Christmas treat making time!

Every year, I make it my mission to distribute treats and yummies to loved ones and those I work with. We typically have a cookie exchange at work, giving everyone oodles and oodles of yummy, chewy goodness, but this year, it seems everyone wanted to opt out of the "flour fun." I still plan on having my BAKE-A-THON come hell or high water.

I think it would reallllly be fun to start a treat exchange a la interwebs with all my blogger buddies - but this year i feel that its too late into the season to get anything to anyone in a timely manner. Working in the shipping/export world, I know all about the shipping difficulties during the holidays to other countries, plus the fact that shipping food overseas is extremely difficult. But if anyone domestic (within the US) would like to take part (it may be after the holidays before you get your goodies), let me know.

I think this could be a fun thing to start!


  1. i think this would be such a fun idea! let me know when and where...i'm in!!!


  2. That's such a great idea! I spent lots of time today baking Christmas sweets...so fun! :)

  3. Thanks for stopping by my blog :) I love these images and that sounds like such a great idea. I already have far too much baking (and far too many sweets around the house) to join in with you.. but I hope that you do get to do it and maybe I will join in next year. Its nice to 'meet' you.


  4. i'm a new follower to your lovely blog and yay what a fun idea that would be! i love the idea of giving homemade treats for christmas-it's like a little bit of yourself and your love in a mason jar or pie dish!

    fabulous idea, my friend!

  5. I think that would be fun too! I love baking!

  6. ooo ymmy! Love this!
    best quote ever!!


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