Wednesday, June 24, 2009

the kitty claws are out

I must admit I am addicted, well beyond addicted to the Real Housewives of New Jersey. I have been an avid watcher since it began airing and haven't missed a moment since. For some reason this group of ladies is; I have enjoyed more than all the others. Maybe all the NJ drama and the accents to go with it. Oh and that big freakin hair on Teresa. And maybe the fact that Jacqueline has a identical twin that I just so happen to work with.

But anyway, watched the reunion, well part 1 of 2 last night. Wow! Some of the things these ladies have the nerve to say to one another. I could tell Danielle is still very upset about the whole situation with the "book." But you know, you brought it all on yourself by starting the fight at dinner. If it was 25 years ago and not a big deal anymore and you don't want it to be a big deal anymore, than why keep it going? I just don't understand that part of it.

I was actually reading an article on one of the magazine/gossip websites this morning about the interviews that are going to be in People magazine, I think it actually came out today. But anyway, apparently Jacqueline (I'm stealing her name for a kid one day..human or pet..) and Danielle are no longer friends, even though Jacqueline stuck up for Danielle at the dinner, due to the fact that more dirty laundry is coming out about Danielle. She's not such a pretty housemom after all.

I'm ready to buy the magazine and read it all for myself.

Ready for season 2 to start already. And I really hope Dina does something with that hair of hers, bc the peroxide blonde just doesnt work. I'm sorry..

I also think it would be super exciting if they did Real Housewives of somewhere in DFW like Southlake or Plano or Addison.. that would GREAT! I would definetely watch!

Moving >> 6 days to go :)

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