Friday, June 5, 2009

vacay in the future?

so damon and i have decided we seriously need a vacation after all this house stuff has happened.. i think i might have him convinced to take me to this b&b in granbury for a weekend. some pictures of the room im hoping for (the Clarissa) is below. its really heavenly looking..
they offer daytime activities, a 3 course breakfast on fine china, and beverages and fresh baked goodies all day.. and its on lake granbury which is beautiful. my kind of place!

its not too far away from home so we do not have to take off from work, but far enough away that its a "vacay"

so i've got my mind offically set, and in my head i'm already there, so now just got to work on damon.
wish me luck.. <3

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  1. oooo i say go! that sounds perfect! pete & i like to go out to PA just to get away, it far enough away to feel like youre away but close enough to get home & not have to settle back in :)


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