Sunday, June 14, 2009

just stick it out.. it wont be long

damon and i went and looked at apartment down the way yesterday.. its still in grapevine, thats what we were shooting for. we were also shooting for something reasonable, yet nice, roomy and safe.

and we found exactly that i am happy to say. i left the ultimate decision up to him because mainly its him on the current lease so it would be more of a hassle for him than for myself. it came down to leaving from our appointment and he was busted out with "im ready to fill out an application," so we did, paid our money and waited to hear something back.. not even an hour from that cherie called us with the great news.. we had a new home, we just dont know when the exact day is but its within the next few weeks/month. plenty of time, plus i have vacation coming up so it could possibly work out nicely. will post pictures of our new place when we get in and settled.

other exciting news this weekend... damon sent me a text on friday about the celebrity baseball game going on in frisco yesterday and how he wanted to go, mainly because a bunch of current and past cowboys would be there.

we went out there, and it was freaking HOT! i was completely miserable.. but
it was worth it, even though i felt as though i was going to die. Damon got to get Jason Witten's autograph, which he really wanted. Soon there after i couldnt take it any more, so we left.. even before the actual game started, but not seeing the game, but knowing he got the one autograph he really wanted made it worth every penny i spent. instead we went out to haslet and took his little sisters swimming and ate.

other than that, not much else is new in our worlds.. so im going to say bye for now and go take a shower.

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