Tuesday, July 7, 2009

french beignets and kirklands

moving into the apartment last tuesday basically took everything i had. but going up and down flights of stairs all day will probably do that to anyone who doesnt do it regularly. we finally were moved in and unpacked by about 11PM that same day, so i am pretty freakin proud we got it all moved in one day. we still have a few things of mine to get from my parents house, but nothing major there, except some good antiques.

the new apartment is absolutely wonderful.. everything about it is amazing and a million times better than the other place. its a quiet building, 1st floor, fluffy pretty carpet, huge bathrooms/closets, pantry and a dining room for the lovely table we purchased off of craigslist. the only downfall was we realized it didnt have a microwave (weird right?), so he got one from his mom & stepdad for his birthday.

once we get settled more and i remember to take pictures i will for all to see.. The babies, Moose and Dexter, absolutely love the new apartment.. I have seen a 180 in Moose since we have moved.. He is so much more lively these days, and he ACTUALLY mews now. Dexter just suns now in the giant windows.. Lazy Ol Cat!

Damon's birthday is Thursday (Happy early Bday Babe!) and it seems as though we have a million people to eat dinner with, only its just his dad and then his mom.. Him having two sets of parents is something I am still getting somewhat used to. I was always used to one dinner for everything growing up and its multiplied now.

I found this amazing nail polish made by Flossie out of Florida that I must order..

isnt it lovely???? I love Tiffany Blue, always have, and now that I have a nail polish thats like exactly it without like being exactly Tiffany's own, I must have it! And for $2 its even better.

RIP MJ. I watched blips of the memorial/listened in the background at work today.. I just about boohooed when his daughter, Paris spoke.. Ugh! Tug at the heart strings will you.. I think I may have an old school MJ music night during dinner.. He was weird and even possibly a perv, but man! he made awesome music! <3

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